Blog of Signaling Pathways

E-cadherin expression is correlated with focal adhesion kinase inhibitor resistance in Merlin-negative malignant mesothelioma cells

895 views | Feb 19 2018

Kato T et al. suggested that E-cadherin serves as a predictive biomarker for molecular target therapy with FAK inhibitors for patients with mesothelioma and that its expression endows MM cells with resistance to FAK inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Membrane Interactions of Natural Cyclic Lipodepsipeptides of the Viscosin Group.

647 views | Feb 18 2018

Geudens N, et al. found that the CLPs interact both with the polar heads and aliphatic tails of model membrane systems, altering bilayer fluidity, while cholesterol reduces CLP insertion depth. [Read the Full Post]

Dabigatran reduces thrombin-induced platelet aggregation and activation in a dose-dependent manner

660 views | Feb 18 2018

Vinholt PJ et al. found dabigatran exclusively inhibits thrombin-induced platelet activation and aggregation with a dose-dependent response. [Read the Full Post]

Ginsenoside Rg3 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and invasion of lung cancer by down-regulating FUT4

1088 views | Feb 17 2018

Tian L et al. indicated Rg3 inhibits EMT and invasion of lung cancer by down-regulating FUT4 mediated EGFR inactivation and blocking MAPK and NF-κB signal pathways. Rg3 may be a potentially effective agent for the treatment of lung cancer. [Read the Full Post]

A novel, rapid method to compare the therapeutic windows of oral anticoagulants using the Hill coefficient

1546 views | Feb 17 2018

Zhang Q et al. showed a significant variation among the Hill coefficients, suggesting a similar variation in therapeutic windows among anticoagulants in our assay. [Read the Full Post]

FOXM1 confers resistance to gefitinib in lung adenocarcinoma via a MET/AKT-dependent positive feedback loop

553 views | Feb 16 2018

Wang Y et al. indicate that FOXM1 promotes acquired resistance to gefitinib of lung adenocarcinoma cells, and FOXM1 crosstalks with MET/AKT signaling to form a positive feedback loop to promote lung adenocarcinoma development. [Read the Full Post]

Dihydroartemisin inhibits glioma invasiveness via a ROS to P53 to β-catenin signaling

2884 views | Feb 16 2018

Que Z et al. indicated that DHA inhibited the migration and invasion of human glioma cells with different types of p53 via different pathways. [Read the Full Post]

Dihydroartemisinin protects against alcoholic liver injury through alleviating hepatocyte steatosis in a farnesoid X receptor-dependent manner

625 views | Feb 15 2018

Xu W et al. indicated DHA significantly improved alcoholic liver injury by inhibiting hepatic steatosis, which was dependent on its activation of FXR in hepatocytes. [Read the Full Post]

Proliferation Markers Are Associated with MET Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Predict Tivantinib Sensitivity In Vitro

556 views | Feb 15 2018

Rebouissou S et al. showed that Tivantinib acts as an antimitotic compound, and cell proliferation markers are the best predictors of its antitumor efficacy in cell lines. Ki67 expression should be tested in clinical trials to predict tivantinib response. [Read the Full Post]

Survivin inhibitor YM155 induces mitochondrial dysfunction, autophagy, DNA damage and apoptosis in Bcl-xL silenced glioma cell lines

1067 views | Feb 14 2018

Jane EP et al. provided a new insight into the link between Bcl-xL and survivin inhibition for the development of novel therapies for glioma. [Read the Full Post]

Ligation of CD180 inhibits IFN-α signaling in a Lyn-PI3K-BTK-dependent manner in B cells

2248 views | Feb 14 2018

You M et al. provided molecular insight into the mechanism of IFN-α signaling activation in SLE B cells and a potential therapeutic approach for SLE treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Reprogramming of histone methylation controls the differentiation of monocytes into macrophages

532 views | Feb 13 2018

Zheng QF et al. elucidated mechanisms crucial to the dynamic establishment of epigenetic memory, which is central to the maintenance of the MP differentiation blockade. [Read the Full Post]

Histochemical examination of the effects of high-dose 1,25(OH)2D3 on bone remodeling in young growing rats

565 views | Feb 13 2018

Sun J et al. suggested that long-term use of physiologically-high dose calcitriol may result in bone loss through RANKL/RANK/osteoprotegerin and EphrinB2-EphB4 signaling pathways, and that these negative effects could continue after drug withdrawal. Therefore, optimal limits for vitamin D administration need to be established for children and adolescents. [Read the Full Post]

MEK2 is a prognostic marker and potential chemo-sensitizing target for glioma patients undergoing temozolomide treatment

685 views | Feb 12 2018

He H et al. indicated that the expression level of MEK2 could serve as a prognostic marker for glioma chemotherapy and that MEK2 antagonists can be used as chemo-sensitizers to enhance the treatment efficacy of TMZ. [Read the Full Post]

Fasting-induced hormonal regulation of lysosomal function.

0 views | Feb 12 2018

Chen L et al. indicated the FGF21-TFEB signaling axis links lysosome homeostasis with extracellular hormonal signaling to orchestrate lipid metabolism during fasting. [Read the Full Post]

Three-dimensional matrix stiffness and adhesive ligands affect cancer cell response to toxins

686 views | Feb 11 2018

Zustiak SP et al. indicated that both 3D matrix stiffness and cell-matrix adhesions are important parameters in the design of more predictive in vitro platforms for drug development and toxicity screening. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of TGF-β signaling promotes expansion of human epidermal keratinocytes in feeder cell co-culture

832 views | Feb 10 2018

Suzuki D et al. found important implications for the use of TGF-β signaling inhibition as a viable therapeutic strategy for improving Green's methodology and for more efficient production of customized skin autografts with human feeder cells. [Read the Full Post]

Difference in the Pharmacokinetics and Hepatic Metabolism of Antidiabetic Drugs in Zucker Diabetic Fatty and Sprague-Dawley Rats.

568 views | Feb 10 2018

Zhou X, et al. revealed that the activity for CYP3A and UGT was decreased in ZDF rats using the probe substrates, and decreased unbound intrinsic clearance in vitro for glibenclamide, canagliflozin, and troglitazone was consistent with lower plasma clearance in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

TGF-β1 activates the canonical NF-κB signaling to promote cell survival and proliferation in dystrophic muscle fibroblasts in vitro

0 views | Feb 09 2018

Ma ZY et al. suggested that TGF-β1 prevents apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in dystrophic muscle fibroblasts through the canonical NF-κB signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]

The PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway is involved in CVB3-induced autophagy of HeLa cells

1269 views | Feb 09 2018

Chang H et al. suggested that the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway participates in the process of autophagy induced by CVB3 infection. This finding may provide a new perspective of CVB3-induced autophagy. [Read the Full Post]