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The MSP-RON pathway regulates liver fibrosis through transforming growth factor beta-dependent epithelial-mesenchymal transition

203 views | Jan 09 2022

Tianhao Weng et al. revealed that MSP was an important biomarker in liver cirrhosis progression and could be used to prognose patients. [Read the Full Post]

Osteoprotegerin regulates vascular function through syndecan-1 and NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species

336 views | Jan 08 2022

Rhéure Alves-Lopes et al. identified novel molecular mechanisms beyond calcification for OPG, which might underlie vascular injurious effects of osteogenic factors in conditions such as hypertension and/or diabetes. [Read the Full Post]

ECM stiffness-tuned exosomes drive breast cancer motility through thrombospondin-1

132 views | Jan 08 2022

Sejal Patwardhan et al. established the pivotal role of exosomal communication in ECM stiffness dependent cell migration with exosomal THBS1 as a master regulator of cancer invasion, which can be further exploited as a potential theranostic for improved breast cancer management. [Read the Full Post]

The Pharmacokinetic Effect of Itraconazole and Voriconazole on Ripretinib in Beagle Dogs by UPLC-MS/MS Technique

203 views | Jan 07 2022

Hui-Jun Wang et al. found that Itraconazole and voriconazole could inhibit the metabolism of ripretinib in beagle dogs and increase the plasma exposure of ripretinib. [Read the Full Post]

Disruptor of telomeric silencing 1-like promotes ovarian cancer tumor growth by stimulating pro-tumorigenic metabolic pathways and blocking apoptosis

0 views | Jan 07 2022

Suresh Chava et al. found that DOT1L promoted ovarian cancer tumor growth by regulating apoptotic and metabolic pathways as well as NK cell-mediated eradication of ovarian cancer. [Read the Full Post]

DR-5 and DLL-4 mAb Functionalized SLNs of Gamma-Secretase Inhibitors- An Approach for TNBC Treatment

391 views | Jan 06 2022

Mamta Kumari et al. found that DLL4 mAb and GSIs were expected to act synergistically to block the Notch signal mediated BCSCs proliferation, differentiation, and metastasis. [Read the Full Post]

Dysmyelination by Oligodendrocyte-Specific Ablation of Ninj2 Contributes to Depressive-Like Behaviors

122 views | Jan 06 2022

Yuxia Sun et al. found the role of Ninj2 in the development of depression and myelination. [Read the Full Post]

Comprehensive in Vitro Characterization of the LSD1 Small Molecule Inhibitor Class in Oncology

248 views | Jan 05 2022

Natalia Sacilotto et al. highlighted significant differences in potency and selectivity among the clinical compounds with iadademstat being the most potent and revealed that most of the tool compounds had very low activity and selectivity. [Read the Full Post]

Fibroblast growth factor (FGF), FGF receptor (FGFR), and cyclin D1 (CCND1) DNA methylation in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas is associated with transcriptional activity, gene amplification, human papillomavirus (HPV) status, and sensitivity to tyrosine kinase inhibitors

215 views | Jan 05 2022

Yilin Bao et al. found significant correlations of DNA methylation of specific CpG sites with response to the FGFR1/3-selective inhibitors PD 173074 and AZD4547, predominantly within the transcription start site of CCND1. [Read the Full Post]

CYT387 Inhibits the Hyperproliferative Potential of Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes via Modulation of IL-6/JAK1/STAT3 Signaling in Rheumatoid Arthritis

369 views | Jan 04 2022

Susmita Srivastava et al. found that CYT387 inhibits proliferation, migration, and pathogenic diseased potential of FLS isolated from adjuvant-induced arthritic (AA) rats via targeting IL-6/JAK1/STAT3 signaling cascade. [Read the Full Post]

Senescence-associated hyper-activation to inflammatory stimuli in vitro

132 views | Jan 04 2022

Vivekananda Budamagunta et al. suggested that SnCs might play an important role in the age-related increases in the susceptibility to developing an exacerbated inflammatory response. [Read the Full Post]

Combination of Ocimum sanctum extract and Levetiracetam ameliorates cognitive dysfunction and hippocampal architecture in rat model of Alzheimer's disease

344 views | Jan 03 2022

H S Nandini et al. provided evidence for use of OSE, LEV and OSE+LEV against AD and epilepsy associated with AD in Aβ induced AD animal model. [Read the Full Post]

A phase 1b study of erlotinib and momelotinib for the treatment of EGFR-mutated, tyrosine kinase inhibitor-naive metastatic non-small cell lung cancer

376 views | Jan 03 2022

Sukhmani K Padda et al. showed that the JAK1/2 and TBK1 inhibitor momelotinib in combination with erlotinib did not appear to enhance benefit over the historical data of erlotinib monotherapy in patients with EGFR-mutated NSCLC. [Read the Full Post]

USP7 inhibition induces apoptosis in glioblastoma by enhancing ubiquitination of ARF4

141 views | Jan 02 2022

Tingzheng Pan et al. thought that P5091 as a novel specific inhibitor of USP7 might be an effective approach for the treatment of GBM. [Read the Full Post]

Collagen XV Promotes ER Stress-Induced Inflammation through Activating Integrin β1/FAK Signaling Pathway and M1 Macrophage Polarization in Adipose Tissue

260 views | Jan 02 2022

Changxing Li et al. provided new ideas for solving the problems of adipose tissue metabolism disorders caused by abnormal accumulation of ECM. [Read the Full Post]

Defactinib inhibits PYK2 phosphorylation of IRF5 and reduces intestinal inflammation

63 views | Jan 01 2022

Grigory Ryzhakov et al. found that opening opportunities for related therapeutic interventions for inflammatory bowel diseases and other inflammatory conditions. [Read the Full Post]

Penetration Cascade of Size Switchable Nanosystem in Desmoplastic Stroma for Improved Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

207 views | Dec 31 2021

Xiaozheng Zhao et al. found that the inhibition of ECM hyperplasia by VAC allowed TAX more ready access to the cancer cells in addition to its small size. [Read the Full Post]

Arginase II Promotes Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Through Exacerbating Senescence and Apoptosis Caused by Oxidative Stress and Inflammation via the NF-κB Pathway

118 views | Dec 31 2021

Fudong Li et al. suggested that ARG2 deficiency prevented IDD via NF-κB, and might therefore, be a potential therapeutic strategy for IDD. [Read the Full Post]

Safety of Anlotinib Capsules Combined with PD-1 Inhibitor Camrelizumab in the Third-Line Treatment of Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer and Their Effect on Serum Tumor Markers

166 views | Dec 30 2021

Yinhua Wang et al. found that application of anlotinib capsules combined with the PD-1 inhibitor (camrelizumab) in the third-line treatment of advanced NSCLC could effectively reduce the levels of serum tumor markers and cancer fatigue degree of patients. [Read the Full Post]

Using Patient-Derived Xenografts to Explore the Efficacy of Treating Head-and-Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Anlotinib

195 views | Dec 30 2021

Fangling Hu et al. suggested that anlotinib could potentially treat HNSCC. [Read the Full Post]