Blog of Signaling Pathways

PKCiota promotes ovarian tumor progression through deregulation of cyclin E

1806 views | Dec 19 2017

Nanos-Webb A et al. identified a PI3K/PKCiota/cyclin E signaling pathway as a therapeutic target during ovarian tumorigenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Perifosine and ABT-737 synergistically inhibit lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

1235 views | Dec 18 2017

Shen J et al. supported the feasibility of further investigation of the perifosine plus ABT-737 regimen in future lung cancer clinical tests. [Read the Full Post]

Proteome and Acetylome Analysis Identifies Novel Pathways and Targets Regulated by Perifosine in Neuroblastoma

1180 views | Dec 17 2017

Gu X et al. details the impact of perifosine on proteome and lysine acetylome in SK-N-AS cells and expands our understanding of the mechanisms of perifosine action in neuroblastoma. [Read the Full Post]

Mechanisms responsible for the synergistic antileukemic interactions between ATR inhibition and cytarabine in acute myeloid leukemia cells

1226 views | Dec 17 2017

Ma J et al. provided insight into the mechanism of action underlying the synergistic antileukemic activity of ATR inhibition in combination with cytarabine in AML. [Read the Full Post]

Induction of Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer Cells by Dovitinib (TKI-258) and its Therapeutic Implications

2115 views | Dec 16 2017

Yadav SS et al. observed that both androgen receptor (AR) positive and AR-negative PCa cells differentiate into a NE phenotype upon treatment with Dovitinib. [Read the Full Post]

Leucovorin Enhances the Anti-cancer Effect of Bortezomib in Colorectal Cancer Cells.

1312 views | Dec 16 2017

Wang S et al. found that the anti-cancer effect of bortezomib and present this novel combinatorial treatment against colorectal cancer. [Read the Full Post]

The AXL receptor tyrosine kinase is associated with adverse prognosis and distant metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

1871 views | Dec 15 2017

Hsieh MS et al. concluded that AXL is a strong adverse prognostic factor for ESCC. Therapeutic agents targeting AXL have great potential to improve prognosis of ESCC patients. [Read the Full Post]

THZ1 targeting CDK7 suppresses STAT transcriptional activity and sensitizes T-cell lymphomas to BCL2 inhibitors

1329 views | Dec 14 2017

Cayrol F et al. showed that the combination of THZ1 and the BH3 mimetic obatoclax improves lymphoma growth control in a primary PTCL ex vivo culture and in two STAT3-mutant PTCL xenografts, delineating a potential targeted agent-based therapeutic option for these patients. [Read the Full Post]

MST2 phosphorylation at serine 385 in mitosis inhibits its tumor suppressing activity

1237 views | Dec 14 2017

Chen X et al. showed that mitotic phosphorylation-deficient mutant MST2-S385A possesses higher activity in suppressing cell proliferation and anchorage-independent growth in vitro and tumorigenesis in vivo. Together, our findings reveal a novel layer of regulation for MST2 in mitosis and its role in tumorigenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Melatonin alleviates inflammasome-induced pyroptosis through inhibiting NF-κB/GSDMD signal in mice adipose tissue

1538 views | Dec 13 2017

Liu Z et al. revealed a novel function of melatonin on adipocyte pyroptosis, suggesting a new potential therapy for melatonin to prevent and treat obesity caused systemic inflammatory response. [Read the Full Post]

The HDAC Inhibitor LAQ824 Enhances Epigenetic Reprogramming and In Vitro Development of Porcine SCNT Embryos.

1410 views | Dec 13 2017

Optimum exposure (100 nM for 24 h) to LAQ824 post-activation improved the in vitro development of porcine SCNT embryos by enhancing levels of H3K9 and H4K12, reducing 5-mC, and regulating gene expression. [Read the Full Post]

Rigosertib as a selective anti-tumor agent can ameliorate multiple dysregulated signaling transduction pathways in high-grade myelodysplastic syndrome

884 views | Dec 12 2017

Xu F et al. indicated that rigosertib is a selective and promising anti-tumor agent that could ameliorate multiple dysregulated signaling transduction pathways in high-grade MDS. [Read the Full Post]

Interleukin-6 suppression reduces tumour self-seeding by circulating tumour cells in a human osteosarcoma nude mouse model

1328 views | Dec 12 2017

Zhang Y et al. provided a novel strategy for future therapeutic interventions to prevent osteosarcoma progression and recurrence. [Read the Full Post]

Aurora kinase A induces papillary thyroid cancer lymph node metastasis by promoting cofilin-1 activity

1287 views | Dec 11 2017

Maimaiti Y, et al. indicated that the combination of Aur-A and CFL-1 may be useful as a molecular prediction model for lymph node metastasis in thyroid cancer and raise the possibility of targeting Aur-A and CFL-1 for more effective treatment of thyroid cancer. [Read the Full Post]

The Chk1 inhibitor MK-8776 increases the radiosensitivity of human triple-negative breast cancer by inhibiting autophagy

1070 views | Dec 11 2017

Zhou ZR et al. suggested that MK-8776 increases human TNBC radiosensitivity by inhibiting irradiation-induced autophagy and that MK-8776 may be a potential agent in the radiosensitization of human TNBC. [Read the Full Post]

Dual targeting of p53 and c-MYC selectively eliminates leukaemic stem cells

3995 views | Dec 10 2017

Abraham SA et al. found that LSCs can be eradicated. [Read the Full Post]

MET Copy Number Gain Is Associated with Gefitinib Resistance in Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis of EGFR-mutant Lung Cancer

2060 views | Dec 10 2017

Nanjo S et al. suggested that combination therapy with MET inhibitors may be promising for controlling leptomeningeal carcinomatosis that acquires resistance to EGFR-TKIs [Read the Full Post]

E platinum, a newly synthesized platinum compound, induces apoptosis through ROS-triggered ER stress in gastric carcinoma cells

1447 views | Dec 09 2017

Wang X et al. indicated that E Platinum may be a potential and effective treatment for gastric cancer in clinical. [Read the Full Post]

Effect of earthworm active protein on fibroblast proliferation and its mechanism

853 views | Dec 09 2017

Song S et al. demonstrated that EAP is effective in promoting effects on proliferation and migration activity of NIH3T3 cell, and the proliferation activity of EAP on NIH3T3 cell may be achieved through the PI3K→Rac→PAK→MEK signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Differential regulation of mTOR signaling determines sensitivity to AKT inhibition in diffuse large B cell lymphoma

1583 views | Dec 08 2017

Combined inhibition of AKT and BTK, PIM2, or S6K1 proved to be an effective strategy to overcome resistance to AKT inhibition in DLBCL. [Read the Full Post]