Therapeutic targeting of TANK-binding kinase signaling towards anticancer drug development: Challenges and opportunities

11 views | Aug 10 2022

Manzar Alam et al. highlighted the therapeutic potential of potent and selective TBK1 inhibitors, including Amlexanox, Compound II, BX795, MRT67307, SR8185 AZ13102909, CYT387, GSK8612, BAY985, and Domainex. [Read the Full Post]

Transient blockade of TBK1/IKKε allows efficient transduction of primary human natural killer cells with vesicular stomatitis virus G-pseudotyped lentiviral vectors

183 views | Mar 24 2022

Peter Chockley et al. found that inhibition of TBK1/IKKε enabled the reliable generation of genetically modified NK cells using VSV-G LVs. [Read the Full Post]

DNA damage-triggered activation of cGAS-STING pathway induces apoptosis in human keratinocyte HaCaT cells

543 views | Apr 12 2021

Can Li et al. concluded that NF-κB pathway and IFNβ pathway residing in the downstream of STING were resposible for apoptosis of UVB-irradiated or cisplatin-treated HaCaT cells. [Read the Full Post]