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AZ304, a novel dual BRAF inhibitor, exerts anti-tumour effects in colorectal cancer independently of BRAF genetic status

88 views | Apr 07 2022

Rui Ma et al. found that the BRAF inhibitor AZ304 had broad spectrum antitumour activity, which was significantly enhanced by combination with Cetuximab in colorectal cancers in vitro and in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

[Magnetic resonance imaging analysis on the effect of marathon on the dynamic changes of morphological characteristics of patellar tendon in amateur marathon runners after half marathon]

116 views | Apr 06 2022

Y Zhang et al. thought that marathon had effect on the normal PT morphology in male amateur marathon runners, showing an increase in proximal CSA. [Read the Full Post]

Combined blockade of polo-like kinase and pan-RAF is effective against NRAS-mutant non-small cell lung cancer cells

0 views | Apr 06 2022

Siyeon Park et al. indicated that human NRAS-mutant NSCLC cells were moderately sensitive to pan-RAF inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Transplantation of autologous bone marrow pre-loaded ex vivo with oncolytic myxoma virus is efficacious against drug-resistant Vk*MYC mouse myeloma

92 views | Apr 05 2022

Nancy Y Villa et al. found the utility of autologous BM grafts armed ex vivo with oncolytic MYXV alone or in combination with chemotherapy/immunotherapy to treat drug-resistant MM in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of the PINK1-Parkin Pathway Enhances the Lethality of Sorafenib and Regorafenib in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

183 views | Apr 05 2022

Shun Zhang et al. found that PINK1-Parkin-mediated mitophagy alleviates sorafenib and regorafenib antitumor effected in vitro and in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

EgGLUT1 Is Crucial for the Viability of Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto Metacestode: A New Therapeutic Target?

122 views | Apr 04 2022

Kuerbannisha Amahong et al. thought that EgGLUT1-ss was crucial for glucose uptake by the protoscoleces of E. granulosus s.s., and its inhibitor WZB117 had a therapeutic effect on CE. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of CDK9 attenuates atherosclerosis by inhibiting inflammation and phenotypic switching of vascular smooth muscle cells

79 views | Apr 04 2022

Shushi Huang et al. found that inhibition of CDK9 might be a novel therapeutic target for the prevention of atherosclerosis. [Read the Full Post]

Evaluation of immune-modulating drugs for use in drug-eluting microsphere transarterial embolization

25 views | Apr 03 2022

Andrew S Mikhail et al. found that the feasibility of controlled delivery of immune-modulating drugs via a local DEE microsphere delivery paradigm. [Read the Full Post]

JIB-04 Has Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Activity and Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Coronavirus Pathogenesis

209 views | Apr 03 2022

Juhee Son et al. found that a limited but still promising utility of JIB-04 as an antiviral agent in the combat against COVID-19 and potentially other viral diseases. [Read the Full Post]

Factors Influencing the Intracellular Concentrations of the Sofosbuvir Metabolite GS-331007 (in PBMCs) at 30 Days of Therapy

232 views | Apr 02 2022

Jessica Cusato et al. presented data on an IC evaluation in a cohort of patients treated with SOF, also considering pharmacogenetics. [Read the Full Post]

Growth factor dependence of the proliferation and survival of cultured lacrimal gland epithelial cells isolated from late-embryonic mice

189 views | Apr 02 2022

Yoko Karasawa et al. found that EGF and HGF might function in a cooperative autocrine manner, supporting cell proliferation and survival during LG development in late-embryonic and neonatal mice. [Read the Full Post]

In Vitro Evaluation of Rigosertib Antitumoral and Radiosensitizing Effects against Human Cholangiocarcinoma Cells

273 views | Apr 01 2022

Alessio Malacrida et al. thought that rigosertib could be a potential therapeutic option, alone or in combination with radiations, for nonresectable patients with cholangiocarcinoma. [Read the Full Post]

Drug repurposing through virtual screening and in vitro validation identifies tigecycline as a novel putative HCV polymerase inhibitor

197 views | Apr 01 2022

Mahmoud ElHefnawi et al. found that tigecycline displayed synergistic activity with sofosbuvir and daclatasvir against HCV. [Read the Full Post]

Olaparib With or Without Cediranib Versus Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Recurrent Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer (NRG-GY004): A Randomized, Open-Label, Phase III Trial

200 views | Mar 31 2022

Joyce F Liu et al. found that combination olaparib/cediranib did not improve PFS compared with chemotherapy and resulted in reduced PROs. [Read the Full Post]

Rigosertib and Cholangiocarcinoma: A Cell Cycle Affair

254 views | Mar 31 2022

Alessio Malacrida et al. hypothesized the mechanism of the action of Rigosertib against cholangiocarcinoma EGI-1 cells, highlighting the importance of proteins involved in the regulation of cell cycles. [Read the Full Post]

DNA repair protein DNA-PK protects PC12 cells from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis involving AKT phosphorylation

203 views | Mar 30 2022

Alessio Cardinale et al. found that DNA-PK could protect cells from oxidative stress induced-apoptosis independently from its function of DSB repair enzyme. [Read the Full Post]

Immune mechanisms of resistance to cediranib in ovarian cancer

234 views | Mar 30 2022

Ganga Gopinathan et al. thought that combination of anti-IL-6 or anti-PD1 in patients might increase activity of VEGFR inhibitors and prolong disease-free survival. [Read the Full Post]

Response to netarsudil in goniotomy-treated eyes and goniotomy-naïve eyes: a pilot study

492 views | Mar 29 2022

Haochen Xu et al.showed that netarsudil had a greater IOP-lowering effect in eyes treated with prior goniotomy and might serve as a promising adjunctive ocular hypotensive agent to further reduce IOP in eyes with prior goniotomy. [Read the Full Post]

Cyclin-dependent kinase 7/9 inhibitor SNS-032 induces apoptosis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cells

137 views | Mar 29 2022

Liling Jiang et al. provided pre-clinical evidence for application of targeting the CDK7/9 in DLBCL. [Read the Full Post]

Bone morphogenetic protein receptor inhibitors suppress the growth of glioblastoma cells

201 views | Mar 28 2022

Joel Kaye et al. suggested the need for development of BMP inhibitors and evaluation as potential therapeutic for GBMs. [Read the Full Post]