RIP kinase

Dysmyelination by Oligodendrocyte-Specific Ablation of Ninj2 Contributes to Depressive-Like Behaviors

87 views | Jan 06 2022

Yuxia Sun et al. found the role of Ninj2 in the development of depression and myelination. [Read the Full Post]

The role of RIPK1 mediated cell death in acute on chronic liver failure

263 views | Dec 24 2021

Takayuki Kondo et al. thought that inhibition of RIPK1 was a potential novel therapeutic approach to prevent progression of susceptible patients from no ACLF to ACLF. [Read the Full Post]

Intermittent hypoxia aggravates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease via RIPK3-dependent necroptosis-modulated Nrf2/NFκB signaling pathway

113 views | Nov 09 2021

Huojun Zhang et al. found that RIPK3 inhibitor GSK-872 or TBHQ administration obviously alleviated hepatic injury, including histology, transaminase activities, and triglyceride contents in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

Role of necroptosis in chronic hepatic inflammation and fibrosis in a mouse model of increased oxidative stress

202 views | Jan 16 2021

Sabira Mohammed et al. found that necroptosis-mediated inflammation contributed to fibrosis in a mouse model of increased oxidative stress and accelerated aging, that also exhibited progressive HCC development. [Read the Full Post]

Synergistic Utilization of Necrostatin-1 and Z-VAD-FMK Efficiently Promotes the Survival of Compression-Induced Nucleus Pulposus Cells via Alleviating Mitochondrial Dysfunction

460 views | Jan 03 2021

Songfeng Chen et al. found that the synergistic utilization of Necrostatin-1 and Z-VAD-FMK was a very worthwhile solution in preventing compression-mediated NP cells death, which might be largely attributed to restored mitochondrial function. [Read the Full Post]

RIP3 dependent NLRP3 inflammasome activation is implicated in acute lung injury in mice

435 views | Nov 18 2020

Jingxian Chen et al. showed that RIP3 participated in the NLRP3 inflammasome activation in infiltrating macrophages in ALI induced by LPS. [Read the Full Post]