Targeting Pyruvate Kinase M2 phosphorylation reverses aggressive cancer phenotypes

5 views | Jul 19 2021

Maria Apostolidi et al. found that combinations of Dinaciclib with TEPP-46 reduced cell invasion, impaired redox balance, and triggered cancer cell death. [Read the Full Post]

The mechanisms involved in the resistance of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells to palbociclib are multiple and change over time

5 views | Jul 19 2021

Mayu Ono et al. found that ER-positive breast cancer cells used multiple molecular mechanisms to survive in the presence of palbociclib. [Read the Full Post]

Patient-derived scaffolds as a drug-testing platform for endocrine therapies in breast cancer

8 views | Jun 28 2021

Anna Gustafsson et al. thought that the PDS technique was an up-scalable patient-derived drug-testing platform available for gene expression profiling and downstream functional assays. [Read the Full Post]

Non-hotspot PIK3CA mutations are more frequent in CLOVES than in common or combined lymphatic malformations

9 views | Jun 17 2021

Pascal Brouillard et al. demonstrated efficacy of Sirolimus and Alpelisib in treating patients with an LM or PROS. [Read the Full Post]

Treatment of liver cancer cells with ethyl acetate extract of Crithmum maritimum permits reducing sorafenib dose and toxicity maintaining its efficacy

12 views | May 21 2021

Davide Gnocchi et al. found that combined treatment with C. maritimum ethyl acetate extract and half IC50 sorafenib dose decreased cell proliferation comparably to full-dose sorafenib without increasing cell toxicity as confirmed by the effect on cell cycle regulation and apoptosis. [Read the Full Post]

KRAS secondary mutations that confer acquired resistance to KRAS G12C inhibitors, sotorasib and adagrasib, and overcoming strategies: insights from the in vitro experiments

14 views | May 16 2021

Takamasa Koga et al. thought that switching to BI-3406 plus trametinib might be a useful strategy to overcome acquired resistance due to the secondary Y96D/S mutation. [Read the Full Post]

Multiple myeloma: Combination therapy of BET proteolysis targeting chimeric molecule with CDK9 inhibitor

16 views | May 07 2021

Su-Lin Lim et al. found that the combination of a BET PROTAC (ARV 825) plus AZD 4573 (CDK9 inhibitor) was effective against MM cells. [Read the Full Post]

CDK9 inhibition improves diabetic nephropathy by reducing inflammation in the kidneys

14 views | Apr 26 2021

Xiaojing Yang et al. suggested that CDK9 might serve as a potential therapeutic target for DN. [Read the Full Post]

The molecular context of vulnerability for CDK9 suppression in triple wild-type melanoma

18 views | Apr 19 2021

Samantha M Guhan et al. found that transcriptional blockade through selective targeting of CDK9 was an effective method of suppressing therapeutically-orphaned BRAF/NRAS/NF1 wild-type melanomas. [Read the Full Post]

A high-throughput screen identifies that CDK7 activates glucose consumption in lung cancer cells

18 views | Mar 28 2021

Chiara Ghezzi et al. thought that CDK7 was a key regulator of glucose consumption in cells with an activated PI3K pathway. [Read the Full Post]