Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4/6 Inhibitors Combined With Radiotherapy for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

38 views | Jul 08 2020

Ivica Ratosa et al. observed a modest increase in the rates of grade 3 or higher AEs after combined RT and CDK4/6i, with maintained efficacy of concomitant RT. [Read the Full Post]

Prediction of Therapeutic Outcome and Survival in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Treated With Dendritic Cell Vaccination or CDK Inhibitor Using MRI Texture: A Feasibility Study

77 views | Jun 17 2020

Aydin Eresen et al. demonstrated that MRI texture features had great potential to generate diagnosis and prognosis models for monitoring early treatment response following dinaciclib drug or DC vaccine treatment and also predicting histopathological tumor markers and long-term clinical outcomes. [Read the Full Post]

Cooperativity Between Orthosteric Inhibitors and Allosteric Inhibitor 8-Anilino-1-Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid (ANS) in Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2

76 views | Jun 16 2020

Erik B Faber et al. detailed the positive cooperativity between ANS and orthosteric Cdk2 inhibitors dinaciclib and roscovitine, which increased the affinity of ANS toward Cdk2 5-fold to 10-fold, and the relatively noncooperative effects of ATP. [Read the Full Post]

Palbociclib (PD0332991)-a Selective and Potent Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor: A Review of Pharmacodynamics and Clinical Development

0 views | May 21 2020

Amy S Clark et al. found that Palbociclib was well tolerated and had therapeutic potential for multiple cancers, including breast cancer, where its efficacy had been demonstrated alone and in combination with endocrine therapy. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of Rb phosphorylation leads to H2S-mediated inhibition of NF-kB in acute pancreatitis and associated lung injury in mice

61 views | May 17 2020

Sundar V et al. revealed a novel link between H2S/RB/NF-κB pathways, in AP and provided insight into possible mechanism that can be targeted in prevention of inflammation to cancer development. [Read the Full Post]

RO-3306 prevents postovulatory aging-mediated spontaneous exit from M-II arrest in rat eggs cultured in vitro

58 views | May 04 2020

Prasad S et al. resulted suggest that postovulatory aging destabilizes MPF by modulating specific phosphorylation of Cdk1 and cyclin B1 level. RO-3306 prevented these changes and maintained M-II arrest in rat eggs cultured in vitro. Hence, maintenance of M-II arrest in ovulated eggs using RO-3306 could be beneficial to increase the number of eggs available for various ART programs. [Read the Full Post]

Covalent CDK7 Inhibitor THZ1 Inhibits Myogenic Differentiation

65 views | Apr 27 2020

Xinqi Ma et al. indicated that THZ1 inhibits myogenic differentiation, suggesting that therapies based on THZ1 might have potential side effects on muscle functions. [Read the Full Post]

Efficacy of Palbociclib and Endocrine Treatment in Heavily Pretreated Hormone Receptor-positive Her2-negative Advanced Breast Cancer: Retrospective Multicenter Trial

84 views | Feb 08 2020

Demir A et al. demonstrated that the efficacy of palbociclib among heavily treated hormone receptor-positive/HER2-negative advanced BC patients was acceptable clinical benefit, and it was generally well tolerated among this population. [Read the Full Post]

Tumor-Directed Therapeutic Targets in Cushing Disease

117 views | Jan 27 2020

Theodoropoulou M et al. indicated that for many patients with CD, effective tumor-targeted pharmacological therapy is still lacking. Coordinated efforts are pivotal in establishing efficacy and safety of novel therapeutics in this rare but devastating disease. [Read the Full Post]

Discovery and development of Seliciclib. How systems biology approaches can lead to better drug performance

90 views | Jan 27 2020

Khalil HS et al. argue that optimisation of the therapeutic effects of kinase inhibitors such as Seliciclib could be enhanced using a systems biology approach involving mathematical modelling of the molecular pathways regulating cell growth and division. [Read the Full Post]