Identification of Novel Kinase-Transcription Factor-mRNA-miRNA Regulatory Network in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma by Bioinformatics Analysis

41 views | Dec 15 2021

Li Gao et al. identified DEGs and an NPC regulatory network involving kinases, TFs, mRNAs, and miRNAs, which might provide promising insight into the pathogenesis, treatment, and prognosis of NPC. [Read the Full Post]

Detection of autophagic flux in primary cerebral cortical neurons after oxygen glucose deprivation/reperfusion (OGD/R) using various methods

250 views | Jul 12 2021

Lei Zhang et al. showed that different methods and indicators could be used to monitor different stages of autophagy. [Read the Full Post]

High BRCA2 Gene Expression is Associated with Aggressive and Highly Proliferative Breast Cancer

272 views | May 10 2021

Vikas Satyananda et al. thought that BRCA2 gene expression might become a candidate marker for aggressive biology and to tailor specific treatment strategies in the future. [Read the Full Post]

Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay efficiency influences bleeding severity in ITGA2B c.2659C > T (p.Q887X) knock-in mice

278 views | May 10 2021

Zhanli Xie et al. found that NMD efficiency potentially influenced bleeding severity in ITGA2B c.2659C > T (p.Q887X) KI mice. [Read the Full Post]

A covalent p97/VCP ATPase inhibitor can overcome resistance to CB-5083 and NMS-873 in colorectal cancer cells

201 views | Mar 26 2021

Gang Zhang et al. identified and characterized PPA as a selective covalent p97 inhibitor, which would allow future exploration to improve the potency of p97 inhibitors with different mechanisms of action. [Read the Full Post]

Repurposing FDA approved drugs inhibiting mitochondrial function for targeting glioma-stem like cells

212 views | Jan 11 2021

Sandipan Datta et al. demonstrated that FDA-approved mitochondrial inhibitors induced GSC-selective cytotoxicity, and targeting mitochondrial function could present a potential therapeutic option for GBM treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Switching between blebbing and lamellipodia depends on the degree of Nonmuscle Myosin II activity

150 views | Dec 26 2020

Indranil Ghosh et al. revealed that relative activity of ROCK and MLCK, which controled both NMII's ATPase activity and filamentous property was a determining factor for a cell to exhibit blebbing or lamellipodia. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting Myosin by Blebbistatin Derivatives: Optimization and Pharmacological Potential

236 views | Apr 14 2020

Rauscher AÁ et al. discussed the pharmacological perspectives of these efforts, as myosins are becoming promising drug target candidates for a variety of conditions ranging from neurodegeneration to muscle disease, wound healing, and cancer metastasis. [Read the Full Post]

Transcriptomic profiling of a chicken lung epithelial cell line (CLEC213) reveals a mitochondrial respiratory chain activity boost during influenza virus infection

434 views | Dec 10 2018

Meyer L et al. suggested that AIV is able to boost the metabolic capacities of its avian host in order to provide the important energy needs required to produce progeny virus. [Read the Full Post]

Myosin-IIA regulates leukemia engraftment and brain infiltration in a mouse model of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

431 views | Nov 14 2018

Wigton EJ et al. implicated myosin-IIA as a key mediator of leukemia cell migration, making it a promising target to inhibit leukemia dissemination in vivo and potentially reduce leukemia relapses. [Read the Full Post]