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Pazopanib (GW786034) and cyclophosphamide in patients with platinum-resistant, recurrent, pre-treated ovarian cancer - Results of the PACOVAR-trial

3 views | Feb 19 2021

C Dinkic et al. thought that Pazopanib 600mg daily p.o. and metronomic cyclophosphamide 50mg daily p.o. was a feasible regimen for patients with recurrent platinum-resistant EOC and showed promising activity in this previously treated patient population. [Read the Full Post]

Altered TGFβ/SMAD Signaling in Human and Rat Models of Pulmonary Hypertension: An Old Target Needs Attention

5 views | Jan 20 2021

Takayuki Jujo Sanada et al. demonstrated considerable discrepancies in TGFβ-SMAD signaling between iPAH and hPAH patients, as well as between patients and rats with experimental PAH. [Read the Full Post]

Activation of inflammasomes by tyrosine kinase inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor: Implications for VEGFR TKIs-induced immune related adverse events

6 views | Jan 19 2021

Hideki Imano et al. found that activation of inflammasomes contributed to the idiosyncratic reactions associated with semaxanib and sorafenib. [Read the Full Post]

Kanglexin accelerates diabetic wound healing by promoting angiogenesis via FGFR1/ERK signaling

8 views | Jan 15 2021

Yixiu Zhao et al. thought that KLX had the potential to be developed as a topical drug to promote diabetic wound healing. [Read the Full Post]

Anlotinib enhances the antitumor activity of radiofrequency ablation on lung squamous cell carcinoma

10 views | Jan 08 2021

Wei Zhou et al. proposed a combinative strategy of RFA and anlotinib as a novel approach for successful management of LSCC. [Read the Full Post]

Anlotinib Plus S-1 for Patients with EGFR Mutation-Negative Advanced Squamous Cell Lung Cancer with PS Scores of 2-3 After Progression of Second-Line or Later-Line Treatment

9 views | Jan 08 2021

Xiao-Hong Xie et al. thought that advanced SqCLC patients with higher PS scores still benefited from anlotinib and S-1 combination regimen, even after they failed second-line or later-line systemic treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Advances on Synthesis, Derivatization and Bioactivity of Isatin: A Review

49 views | Sep 28 2020

Garima Chauhan et al. reviewed the different strategies for the designs and synthesis of several IST based compounds having different biological activities with SAR which could favour further investigation and modification for the development of new and more potent entities. [Read the Full Post]

Regorafenib for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: An Analysis of a Registry-Based Cohort of 555 Patients

127 views | Aug 06 2020

Alena Novakova-Jiresova ETAL. found that regorafenib was a safe and active treatment option for a subgroup of patients with mCRC who were progressing after other systemic therapies and maintain good performance status. [Read the Full Post]

A Global PROTAC Toolbox for Degrading BCR-ABL Overcomes Drug-Resistant Mutants and Adverse Effects

207 views | Jul 15 2020

Yiqing Yang et al. found that PROTACs showed better selectivity and less adverse effects than inhibitors, indicating that PROTACs had a great potential for overcoming clinical drug resistance and safety issues. [Read the Full Post]

Lenvatinib and Sorafenib for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer After Radioactive Iodine: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation

152 views | Jul 13 2020

Nigel Fleeman et al.showed that compared with placebo/BSC, treatment with lenvatinib or sorafenib results in an improvement in PFS, objective tumour response rate and possibly OS, but dose modifications were required to treat AEs. [Read the Full Post]