Combined Drug Targeting of p53-dependent and -independent Pathways Depletes Myelofibrosis Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells

135 views | Jan 11 2022

Min Lu et al. thought that treatment with ONC201 combined with RG7112 could be a potentially effective strategy for treating MF patients. [Read the Full Post]

The balance between p53 isoforms modulates the efficiency of HIV-1 infection in macrophages

302 views | Sep 06 2021

Yann Breton et al. demonstrated the involvement of p53 isoforms, which regulated p53 activity and defined the cellular environment influencing viral replication. [Read the Full Post]

P53 Is Involved in Sunitinib Resistance and Poor Progression-free Survival After Sunitinib Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

307 views | Sep 05 2021

Yohei Sekino et al. thought that p53 might be involved in sunitinib resistance and represent a valuable marker for sunitinib treatment in mRCC. [Read the Full Post]

Phase I study of daily and weekly regimens of the orally administered MDM2 antagonist idasanutlin in patients with advanced tumors

203 views | Aug 29 2021

Antoine Italiano et al. demonstrated dose- and schedule-dependent p53 activation with durable disease stabilization in some patients. [Read the Full Post]

MDM2 inhibition: an important step forward in cancer therapy

339 views | Jan 21 2021

Marina Konopleva et al. thought that targeting MDM2 was a promising treatment strategy. [Read the Full Post]

Resurrecting a p53 peptide activator - An enabling nanoengineering strategy for peptide therapeutics

412 views | Aug 20 2020

Wangxiao He et al. proposed that this clinically viable drug delivery strategy could be applied not only to peptide activators of p53 for cancer therapy, but also to peptide therapeutics in general aimed at targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions for disease intervention. [Read the Full Post]

F-box protein FBXO31 modulates apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of cervical cancer via inactivation of the PI3K/AKT-mediated MDM2/p53 axis

328 views | Aug 19 2020

Keying Liu et al. revealed that FBXO31 down-regulated CC progression by blocking the PI3K/AKT-mediated MDM2/p53 axis, suggesting that FBXO31 might serve as a promising therapeutic target for CC treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting p53 for the treatment of cancer

277 views | Aug 11 2020

Michael J Duffy et al. indicated that it was likely to usher in a new era in cancer treatment, especially as p53 dysfunction is so prevalent in human cancers if any of the compounds currently being evaluated in clinical trials be shown to have efficacy [Read the Full Post]

Nutlin-3 enhances the bortezomib sensitivity of p53-defective cancer cells by inducing paraptosis

552 views | Nov 01 2019

Lee DM et al. suggested that bortezomib/nutlin-3 perturbs proteostasis, triggering ER/mitochondria stress and irrecoverable impairments in their structure and function, ultimately leading to paraptotic cell death. [Read the Full Post]

Nutlin-3a selects for cells harbouring TP53 mutations

0 views | Oct 29 2019

Kucab JE et al. suggested that including a Nutlin-3a counter-screen significantly improves the specificity and efficiency of the HIMA, whereby TP53-mutated clones are selected prior to sequencing and TP53-WT clones can be discarded. [Read the Full Post]