TGF-β Alters the Proportion of Infiltrating Immune Cells in a Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

4 views | Jul 18 2021

Kasia Trebska-McGowan et al. found that TGF-β had an overall immunosuppressive effect mediated by TAM PD-L1 expression and decreased presence of DCs. [Read the Full Post]

Synthesis and Evaluation of Chiral Rhodanine Derivatives Bearing Quinoxalinyl Imidazole Moiety as ALK5 Inhibitors

4 views | Jul 18 2021

Li-Min Zhao et al. suggested that the synthesized rhodanine compounds had good ALK5 inhibitory activity and could be used for further research and development as potential antifungal drugs. [Read the Full Post]

Dual Targeting of Sorafenib-Resistant HCC-Derived Cancer Stem Cells

5 views | Jul 04 2021

Ritu Shrestha et al. found that the combined targeting of EMT and immune checkpoint molecules with Sorafenib could effectively target the CSC tumour subpopulation. [Read the Full Post]

ALK3-SMAD1/5 Signaling Mediates the BMP2-Induced Decrease in PGE2 Production in Human Endometrial Stromal Cells and Decidual Stromal Cells

14 views | Apr 16 2021

Yu Zhang et al. found that BMP2 decreased PGE2 production by downregulating COX-1 expression. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of TGF-β signalling in combination with nal-IRI plus 5-Fluorouracil/Leucovorin suppresses invasion and prolongs survival in pancreatic tumour mouse models

33 views | Jan 09 2021

Eunji Hong et al. suggested that combination therapy of nal-IRI/5-FU/LV with vactosertib could provide clinical benefits to pancreatic cancer patients. [Read the Full Post]

Small molecular compounds efficiently convert human fibroblasts directly into neurons

29 views | Dec 21 2020

Jijuan Yang et al. provided a novel combination of existing small molecular compounds that efficiently reprogramed human fibroblasts into neurons. [Read the Full Post]

GPR91 antagonist and TGF-β inhibitor suppressed collagen production of high glucose and succinate induced HSC activation

69 views | Dec 10 2020

Mutsuko Sakai et al. determined that even though HSCs had already been activated by high glucose or succinate conditions which persisted after activation, the GPR91 antagonist and the TGF-β1 receptor inhibitor were able to reduce the production of type I collagen from activated HSCs. [Read the Full Post]

Structural Basis of Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 2 (R206H) Inhibition by Bis-heteroaryl Pyrazole-Based Inhibitors for the Treatment of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Identified by the Integration of Ligand-Based and Structure-Based Drug Design Approaches

66 views | Sep 13 2020

Tomohiro Sato et al. indicated the existence of the additional hydrogen bond via water molecules restricting the attachment point in the pyrazole scaffold [Read the Full Post]

Mast cells (MCs) induce ductular reaction mimicking liver injury in mice via MC-derived TGF-β1 signaling

79 views | Sep 02 2020

Konstantina Kyritsi et al. demonstrated that reintroduction of MCs mimics cholestatic liver injury and MC-derived TGF-β1 might be a target in chronic cholestatic liver disease. [Read the Full Post]

CircPlekha7 plays an anti-fibrotic role in intrauterine adhesions by modulating endometrial stromal cell proliferation and apoptosis

74 views | Aug 18 2020

Wei Xie et al. indicated that circPlekha7 played an anti-fibrotic role in IUA and might serve as a promising prognostic biomarker for patients with IUA. [Read the Full Post]