Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling of roxadustat's effect on LDL cholesterol in patients in Japan with dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease and anemia

1 views | Sep 12 2022

Akitsugu Takada found that roxadustat could decrease LDL-C independent of statins and sevelamer. [Read the Full Post]

Protective Effects of Hif2 Inhibitor PT-2385 on a Neurological Disorder Induced by Deficiency of Irp2

246 views | Dec 29 2021

Jiaqi Shen et al. found that Irp2 depletion-induced Hif2α was, in vivo, in charge of the switch between OXPHOS and glycolysis. [Read the Full Post]

Roxadustat (FG-4592) protects against ischemia/reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury through inhibiting the mitochondrial damage pathway in mice

392 views | Oct 21 2021

Mei Zhang et al. found that pretreatment with FG-4592 might effectively prevent kidney from IRI possibly by via diminishing tubular cells injuries and protection of mitochondrial damage pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Effects and Mechanism of Action of PX-478 in Oxygen-Induced Retinopathy in Mice

460 views | Jan 07 2021

Xiaoyan Pan et al. found that HIF-1α played a main role in OIR and could be considered a therapeutic target in OIR by suppressing downstream angiogenic factors, PX-478 decreasing the retinal avascular area and NV. [Read the Full Post]

Antianemia Drug Roxadustat (FG-4592) Protects Against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity by Targeting Antiapoptotic and Antioxidative Pathways

417 views | Oct 26 2020

Guangfeng Long et al.found that the protective effect of FG-4592 on DOX-induced cardiotoxicity possibly through upregulating HIF-1α and its target genes antagonizing apoptosis and oxidative stress. [Read the Full Post]

Molecular mechanisms for the activity of PX-478, an antitumor inhibitor of the hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha

505 views | May 10 2020

Koh MY et al. concluded that PX-478 inhibits HIF-1alpha at multiple levels that together or individually may contribute to its antitumor activity against HIF-1alpha-expressing tumors. [Read the Full Post]

Hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor roxadustat (FG-4592) protects against cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury

559 views | Jan 01 2020

Yang Y et al. indicated that FG-4592 treatment remarkably ameliorated the cisplatin-induced kidney injury possibly through the stabilization of HIF. Thus, besides the role in treating CKD anemia, the clinical use of FG-4592 also could be extended to AKI. [Read the Full Post]

Phase 2 studies of oral hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-4592 for treatment of anemia in China

748 views | Mar 31 2019

Chen N et al. showed that FG-4592 may prove an effective alternative for managing anemia of CKD. It is currently being investigated in a pivotal global Phase 3 program. [Read the Full Post]

Roxadustat in the treatment of anaemia in chronic kidney disease

743 views | Mar 31 2019

Del Vecchio L et al showed that Roxadustat is a chemical drug and thus has the potential of being cheaper than traditional ESAs. Given that the peaks of endogenous EPO are much lower than those observed with traditional ESA, it is possible to speculate the roxadustat (and more in general PHD inhibitors) will be safer than ESA on cardiovascular safety end-points. Considering that HIFs are involved in different pathways, with possible promotion of relevant side effects, their safety must be proven in long-term studies. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation suppresses the development of osimertinib resistance in a preclinical model of EGFR-driven lung adenocarcinoma

781 views | Feb 07 2019

Martin MJ et al. supported a model in which the combination of osimertinib and OxPhos inhibitors can delay or prevent resistance in osimertinib-naïve tumour cells, and represents a novel strategy that warrants further pre-clinical investigation. [Read the Full Post]