CD133-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles as a Carrier Platform for Telaglenastat (CB-839) against Tumor Stem Cells

81 views | May 29 2022

Elham Poonaki et al. showed that Au-PEG-CD133-CB-839 significantly decreased the viability of CD133-postive cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner, which was higher as compared to the effects of treatment of the cells with the individual components of the assembled nanodrug. [Read the Full Post]

Biomarker guided treatment in oncogene-driven advanced non-small cell lung cancer in older adults: A Young International Society of Geriatric Oncology Report

49 views | May 11 2022

Konstantinos Christofyllakis et al. thought that molecularly-guided therapy for most alterations was safe and efficacious in older adults with oncogene-driven advanced NSCLC. [Read the Full Post]

Impaired anaplerosis is a major contributor to glycolysis inhibitor toxicity in glioma

306 views | Jul 09 2021

Sunada Khadka et al. suggested that at least for ENO1-deleted gliomas, tumors in vivo-unlike cells in culture-show limited dependence on glutaminolysis and instead primarily depended on glycolysis for anaplerosis. [Read the Full Post]

Pyruvate Anaplerosis Is a Mechanism of Resistance to Pharmacological Glutaminase Inhibition in Triple-Receptor Negative Breast Cancer

370 views | Jun 02 2020

Dean C Singleton et al. highlighted the potential influence that both circulating and tumour-derived pyruvate could have on glutaminase inhibitor efficacy. Furthermore, they highlighted the benefits of 3D spheroid cultures to model the features of the tumour microenvironment and improved the in vitro investigation of cancer metabolism-targeted therapeutics. [Read the Full Post]

Antitumor activity of the glutaminase inhibitor CB-839 in triple-negative breast cancer

407 views | Jul 29 2019

Gross MI et al. provided a strong rationale for the clinical investigation of CB-839 as a targeted therapeutic in patients with TNBC and other glutamine-dependent tumors. [Read the Full Post]

Glutaminase inhibitor CB-839 synergizes with carfilzomib in resistant multiple myeloma cells

528 views | Feb 03 2019

Thompson RM et al. suggested that the acquisition of PI resistance involves adaptations in cellular bioenergetics, supporting the combination of CB-839 with Crflz for the treatment of refractory MM. [Read the Full Post]

Blockage of glutaminolysis enhances the sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to PI3K/mTOR inhibition involvement of STAT3 signaling

953 views | Sep 25 2017

Guo L et al. showed that targeting glutamine addiction via GLS1 inhibition offers a potential novel therapeutic strategy to overcome resistance to PI3K/Akt/mTOR inhibition. [Read the Full Post]