Construction of an Immune-Autophagy Prognostic Model Based on ssGSEA Immune Scoring Algorithm Analysis and Prognostic Value Exploration of the Immune-Autophagy Gene in Endometrial Carcinoma (EC) Based on Bioinformatics

110 views | Mar 13 2022

Xiaomin Xu et al. constructed the immuno-autophagy prognosis model of endometrial cancer and identified three high-risk immunoautophagy genes, including VEGFA, CCL2, and Ifng. [Read the Full Post]

Bidirectional Responses of Eight Neuroinflammation-Related Transcriptional Factors to 64 Flavonoids in Astrocytes with Transposable Insulated Signaling Pathway Reporters

108 views | Feb 12 2022

Valeri V Mossine et al. conclude that transposable insulated reporters of transcriptional activation represent a convenient neurochemistry tool in screening for activators/inhibitors of signaling pathways. [Read the Full Post]

The Effect of STAT3 Signal Pathway Activation on Retinopathy of Prematurity

112 views | Jan 29 2022

Jianbing Ren et al. provided potential novel therapeutic approach to the prevention and treatment of ROP. [Read the Full Post]

A Novel Small Molecule, LCG-N25, Inhibits Oral Streptococcal Biofilm

239 views | Oct 23 2021

Xiaoying Lyu et al. suggested that LCG-N25 may represent a promising antimicrobial agent that can be used as an adjuvant to the management of dental caries. [Read the Full Post]

Successful treatment of hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma with fludarabine, high-dose cytarabine and subsequent unrelated umbilical cord blood transplantation

502 views | Oct 04 2021

Takaya Honda et al. found a heterozygous nonsense c.2961C>G (p.Tyr987Ter) variant of the KMT2C gene. [Read the Full Post]

The imbalance of Th17/Treg via STAT3 activation modulates cognitive impairment in P. gingivalis LPS-induced periodontitis mice

291 views | Oct 03 2021

Xu Zhang et al. thought that the STAT3 signaling pathway might have immunoregulatory effects on the mouth-to-brain axis. [Read the Full Post]

Pharmacological inhibition of IKKβ dampens NLRP3 inflammasome activation after priming in the human myeloid cell line THP-1

561 views | Mar 25 2021

Adeline Unterreiner et al. suggested that IκKβ might fulfill a dual role in coupling priming and activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome. [Read the Full Post]

EGR1 knockdown alleviates the cerebral injury in rats with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) via STAT3/NF-κB pathway by reducing RXRα acetylation level

355 views | Feb 23 2021

Lijuan Xie et al. found that EGR1 increased RXRα acetylation level by regulating p300, thereby aggravating brain damage in ICH rat model and dysfunction in BMECs, which might through the STAT3/NF-κB pathway. [Read the Full Post]

STAT3 Is an Upstream Regulator of Granzyme G in the Maternal-To-Zygotic Transition of Mouse Embryos

324 views | Feb 05 2021

Huan Ou-Yang et al. suggested that STAT3, a maternal protein, was a critical transcription factor and regulated Gzmg transcription activity in preimplantation mouse embryos. [Read the Full Post]

To inhibit TrxR1 is to inactivate STAT3-Inhibition of TrxR1 enzymatic function by STAT3 small molecule inhibitors

343 views | Oct 29 2020

Sander Busker et al. suggested that targeting of TrxR1 might be a common feature for many small molecules that inhibited cellular STAT3 function. [Read the Full Post]