The main difference between Alvespimycin vs. 17-DMAG. Biomimetic Platform Based on Mesoporous Platinum for Multisynergistic Cancer Therapy

1 views | Jan 27 2022

Gaoqian Zhao et al. showed that 17-DMAG/[email protected] could accumulate in the tumor and effectively inhibit the growth of tumor cells. [Read the Full Post]

Single cell transcriptomic profiling of neurodegeneration mediated by tau in a novel 3D neuron-astrocyte coculture model

13 views | Jan 14 2022

Hannah Rickner et al. demonstrated the power to model the reduction of tau pathology by drug treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Phase 1 multicenter study of the HSP90 inhibitor SNX-5422 plus carboplatin and paclitaxel in patients with lung cancers

92 views | Dec 17 2021

Martin Gutierrez et al. found that the triplet combination of SNX-5422, carboplatin and paclitaxel followed by maintenance SNX-5422 therapy was well-tolerated and showed anti-tumor activity. [Read the Full Post]

Oral Hsp90 inhibitor SNX-5422 attenuates SARS-CoV-2 replication and dampens inflammation in airway cells

91 views | Dec 16 2021

Ria Goswami et al. found that SNX-5422 interrupted expression of host factors demonstrated to be crucial for SARS-CoV-2 replication. [Read the Full Post]

HSP90 inhibition downregulates DNA replication and repair genes via E2F1 repression

137 views | Dec 05 2021

Hanqing Liu et al. found that HSP90 inhibitors might be useful in combination therapies for MCL. [Read the Full Post]

Investigation of anticancer activities of STA-9090 (ganetespib) as a second generation HSP90 inhibitor in Saos-2 osteosarcoma cells

140 views | Dec 05 2021

Aykut Özgür found the down-regulation of the expression levels of oncogenic genes. [Read the Full Post]

Co-Expression of CD34, CD90, OV-6 and Cell-Surface Vimentin Defines Cancer Stem Cells of Hepatoblastoma, Which Are Affected by Hsp90 Inhibitor 17-AAG

292 views | Oct 26 2021

Mieun Lee-Theilen et al. identified CSCs of hepatoblastoma using CD34, CD90, OV-6 and csVimentin. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of a circRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory network for exploring novel therapeutic options for glioma

346 views | Oct 25 2021

Yi He et al. highlighted the potential pathogenesis of the circRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory network and identified novel therapeutic options for glioma. [Read the Full Post]

HSP90 inhibition acts synergistically with heat to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells

440 views | Oct 14 2021

Petros X E Mouratidis et al. found that sub-ablative heating could act synergistically with the clinically relevant HSP90 inhibitor NVP-AUY922 to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells. [Read the Full Post]

Evolution of kinase polypharmacology across HSP90 drug discovery

447 views | Oct 13 2021

Albert A Antolin et al. found that the resorcinol clinical candidates ganetespib and, to a lesser extent, luminespib, displayed unique off-target kinase pharmacology as compared with other HSP90 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]