Epigenetic Reader Domain

Cannabinoid receptor 2 plays a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing

5 views | Sep 16 2021

Shan Zhou et al. showed CB2 played a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing. [Read the Full Post]

Tumor-promoting function of PIMREG in glioma by activating the β-catenin pathway

6 views | Sep 12 2021

Dekang Wang et al. provided new insights into the molecular mechanism for glioma pathogenesis and treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of Cdc20 suppresses the metastasis in triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)

0 views | Aug 29 2021

Christine Song et al.found an essential role of Cdc20 in tumor formation and metastasis of TNBC, which might be a potential target therapy for TNBC treatment. [Read the Full Post]

The bromodomain inhibitor JQ1+ reduces calcium-sensing receptor activity in pituitary cell-lines

58 views | Jul 06 2021

Kate E Lines et al. thought that reducing CaSR expression might be a viable option in the treatment of pituitary tumours. [Read the Full Post]

BRD4 PROTAC degrader ARV-825 inhibits T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia by targeting 'Undruggable' Myc-pathway genes

45 views | May 06 2021

Shuiyan Wu et al. thought that the BRD4 degrader ARV-825 could effectively suppress the proliferation and promote apoptosis of T-ALL cells via BET protein depletion and c-Myc inhibition, thus providing a new strategy for the treatment of T-ALL. [Read the Full Post]

Epigenetic Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma Cells Sensitizes to Cisplatin Chemotherapy and PARP Inhibitor Treatment

35 views | Apr 30 2021

Sophia Thy et al. thought that BETi could be used to "episensitize" UC cells to cytotoxic chemotherapy and inhibitors of DNA repair by inducing BRCAness in non BRCA1/2 mutated cancers. [Read the Full Post]

P300/CBP inhibition sensitizes mantle cell lymphoma to PI3Kδ inhibitor idelalisib

39 views | Apr 29 2021

Xiao-Ru Zhou et al. provided a promising combination therapy for MCL and highlighted the potential use of epigenetic inhibitors targeting p300/CBP to reverse drug resistance in tumor. [Read the Full Post]

Dissecting the Role of BET Bromodomain Proteins BRD2 and BRD4 in Human NK Cell Function

50 views | Apr 10 2021

Adam P Cribbs et al. found that compelling argument for further clinical investigation. [Read the Full Post]

BET inhibitor bromosporine enhances 5-FU effect in colorectal cancer cells

32 views | Mar 30 2021

Xueyuan Cheng et al. found that the combination treatment inhibits cell viability, formation of colonies, increased apoptosis and cell cycle arrest at G0-G1. [Read the Full Post]

CBP Bromodomain Inhibition Rescues Mice From Lethal Sepsis Through Blocking HMGB1-Mediated Inflammatory Responses

42 views | Mar 02 2021

Xiaowen Bi et al. suggested that CBP bromodomain could serve as a candidate therapeutic target for the treatment of lethal sepsis via inhibiting LPS-induced expression and release of HMGB1 and suppressing the pro-inflammatory activity of HMGB1. [Read the Full Post]