Pan- and Isoform-specific Inhibition of the Bromodomain and Extra-terminal Proteins and Evaluation of Synergistic Potential With Entospletinib in Canine Lymphoma

0 views | Apr 09 2021

Weibo Kong et al. found that Entospletinib did not enhance the inhibitory effects of the pan- or isoform-specific BET. [Read the Full Post]

Assessment of the effects of Syk and BTK inhibitors on GPVI-mediated platelet signaling and function

97 views | Apr 09 2021

Tony J Zheng et al. found that TKIs targeting Syk or BTK inhibited central platelet functional responses but might differentially affect protein activities and organization in critical systems downstream of Syk and BTK in platelets. [Read the Full Post]

A High-Content Screen for Mucin-1-Reducing Compounds Identifies Fostamatinib as a Candidate for Rapid Repurposing for Acute Lung Injury

134 views | Dec 29 2020

Maria Kost-Alimova et al. suggested fostamatinib as a repurposing drug candidate for ALI. [Read the Full Post]

The Role of Syk in Inflammatory Response of Human Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Tissue

277 views | Dec 13 2020

Ryo Kanamoto et al. demonstrated an important role of Syk for IgG-dependent inflammatory response in human AAA. [Read the Full Post]

A High Content Screen for Mucin-1-Reducing Compounds Identifies Fostamatinib as a Candidate for Rapid Repurposing for Acute Lung Injury during the COVID-19 pandemic

102 views | Dec 06 2020

Maria Alimova et al. revealed Fostamatinib as a repurposing drug candidate for ALI and provided the rationale for rapidly standing up clinical trials to test Fostamatinib efficacy in patients with COVID-19 lung injury. [Read the Full Post]

The Syk Inhibitor R406 Is a Modulator of P-glycoprotein (ABCB1)-mediated Multidrug Resistance

241 views | Apr 21 2020

George E Duran et al. indicated that the chemo-sensitizing effect of R406 in taxane-resistant cells previously reported was not associated with Syk but resulted from the modulation of P-gp-mediated MDR. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting SYK signaling in myeloid cells protects against liver fibrosis and hepatocarcinogenesis

297 views | Mar 09 2020

Torres-Hernandez A et al. suggested that SYK is an attractive target for experimental therapeutics in treating hepatic fibrosis and oncogenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Simultaneous inhibition of JAK and SYK kinases ameliorates chronic and destructive arthritis in mice

204 views | Mar 08 2020

Llop-Guevara A et al. showed that concurrent JAK + SYK inhibition resulted in higher efficacy than single kinase inhibition and TNF blockade in a chronic and severe arthritis model. Thus, blockade of multiple immune signals with dual JAK + SYK inhibition represents a reasonable therapeutic strategy for RA, in particular in patients with inadequate responses to current treatments. Our data supports the multiplicity of events underlying this heterogeneous and complex disease. [Read the Full Post]

The Syk Inhibitor Fostamatinib Disodium (R788) Inhibits Tumor Growth in the Eμ- TCL1 Transgenic Mouse Model of CLL by Blocking Antigen-Dependent B-cell Receptor Signaling

294 views | Feb 26 2020

Mirza Suljagic et al. provided further rationale for clinical trials with R788 in CLL and establish the BCR-signaling pathway as an important therapeutic target in this disease. [Read the Full Post]

Cytokine correlation analysis based on drug perturbation

0 views | Jan 19 2019

Wallner FK et al. showed that cytokines are highly co-regulated, which provide valuable information for how a therapeutic drug might affect clusters of cytokines. In addition, a cytokine that is used as a therapeutic biomarker could be combined with its related cytokines into a biomarker panel to improve diagnostic accuracy. [Read the Full Post]