Lumican silencing alleviates tumor necrosis factor-α-induced nucleus pulposus cell inflammation and senescence by inhibiting apoptosis signal regulating kinase 1/p38 signaling pathway via inactivating Fas ligand expression

132 views | Feb 11 2022

Zhenqiang Li et al. found that interference with LUM effectively mitigated TNF-α-induced inflammatory response, cell cycle arrest, and cell senescence. [Read the Full Post]

Performance of noninvasive tests of fibrosis among Asians, Hispanic and non-Hispanic Whites in the STELLAR trials

209 views | Feb 11 2022

Vincent Wai-Sun Wong et al. found that the diagnostic performance of routinely available noninvasive tests for the detection of advanced fibrosis due to NASH was acceptable and similar between White and Asian patients. [Read the Full Post]

Structure-based discovery of 1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives as potent ASK1 inhibitors for potential treatment of ulcerative colitis

407 views | Feb 23 2021

Shaohua Hou et al. suggested that ASK1 inhibitors could potentially be used as a therapeutic strategy for UC. [Read the Full Post]

Selonsertib, a potential drug for liver failure therapy by rescuing the mitochondrial dysfunction of macrophage via ASK1-JNK-DRP1 pathway

408 views | Feb 22 2021

Guohua Lou et al. thought that selonsertib protected against LPS/GalN-induced ALF by attenuating JNK-mediated DRP1 mitochondrial translocation and then rescuing mitochondrial damage in macrophages and might have therapeutic potential for early ALF patients. [Read the Full Post]