The Effects of PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway Inhibitors on the Expression of Immune Checkpoint Ligands in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line

19 views | May 04 2022

Saeid Taghiloo et al. found that combinational treatment approaches to block these pathways might be a promising and novel therapeutic strategy for AML patients via interfering in immune escape mechanisms. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of DDX3 and COX-2 by forskolin and evaluation of anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic effects on cervical cancer cells: molecular modelling and in vitro approaches

18 views | May 03 2022

Doneti Ravinder et al. found that the FSK engaged the active sites of both the targets by interacting with key residues. [Read the Full Post]

Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) inhibits coagulation process via inducing hepatic antithrombin III expression in mice

208 views | Oct 30 2021

Zhi-Lin Luan et al. found that new role of FXR in hemostatic homeostasis and indicates that FXR might act as a potential therapeutic target for diseases related to hypercoagulation. [Read the Full Post]

The Tumor Microenvironment in Follicular Lymphoma: Its Pro-Malignancy Role with Therapeutic Potential

351 views | Jun 10 2021

Takashi Watanabe found that Tfh, and TFR cells could reinforce the effects of the cytotoxic T cells. [Read the Full Post]

cAMP Signaling-Mediated Phosphorylation of Diacylglycerol Lipase α Regulates Interaction With Ankyrin-G and Dendritic Spine Morphology

217 views | Jun 09 2021

Sehyoun Yoon et al. found that ANK3 and DAGLA, both neuropsychiatric disorder genes, interacted in a complex to regulate spine morphology. [Read the Full Post]

Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol, a lignan from Herpetospermum pedunculosum, alleviates cholestasis by activating pathways associated with the farnesoid X receptor

226 views | Nov 07 2020

Xiaodong Wei et al. thought that DA might represent an effective agonist for FXR had significant therapeutic potential for the treatment of cholestatic liver injury. [Read the Full Post]

Farnesoid X receptor agonist GW4064 ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced ileocolitis through TLR4/MyD88 pathway related mitochondrial dysfunction in mice

291 views | Jan 15 2020

Liu HM et al. demonstrated that central roles of FXR in coordinating regulation of both inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction. We propose that GW4064 is promising therapeutic agent for treatment of ileocolitis. [Read the Full Post]

Irisin Is Controlled by Farnesoid X Receptor and Regulates Cholesterol Homeostasis

411 views | Jun 17 2019

Li H et al. showed taht activation of FXR induces FNDC5 mRNA expression in human and increased the circulating level of Irisin in Rhesus macaques. FNDC5/Irisin is a direct transcriptional target of FXR. Irisin may be a novel therapeutic strategy for dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis. [Read the Full Post]

Microengineered cultures containing human hepatic stellate cells and hepatocytes for drug development

507 views | Dec 16 2018

Davidson MD et al. found that NADPH oxidase (NOX) inhibition and farnesoid X receptor (FXR) activation using clinically relevant drugs alleviated hepatic dysfunctions in MPTCs. In conclusion, MPTCs recapitulate symptoms of NASH- and early fibrosis-like dysfunctions in PHHs and have utility for drug discovery in this space. [Read the Full Post]

Dihydroartemisinin restricts hepatic stellate cell contraction via an FXR-S1PR2-dependent mechanism

752 views | May 09 2018

Xu W et al. suggested that DHA could restrict HSC contraction through modulating FXR/S1PR2 pathway-mediated Ca(2+) -dependent and Ca(2+) -sensitization signaling. Our discoveries make DHA a potential candidate for portal hypertension. [Read the Full Post]