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Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Janus Kinase Inhibitors and Secukinumab in Patients with Active Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

74 views | Jul 13 2022

Young Ho Lee suggested that tofacitinib 5 mg had the highest likelihood of being the best treatment for achieving the ASAS40 response rate, followed by upadacitinib 15 mg, secukinumab 150 mg, filgotinib 200 mg, and placebo. [Read the Full Post]

Screening of epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors in natural products by capillary electrophoresis combined with high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

0 views | Jul 13 2022

Feng Li et al. demonstrated a significant merit of the method in the identification of the bioactive compounds in natural products. [Read the Full Post]

Ipatasertib, an oral AKT inhibitor, inhibits cell proliferation and migration, and induces apoptosis in serous endometrial cancer

41 views | Jul 12 2022

Lindsey Buckingham et al. found that IPAT significantly inhibited cell proliferation and colony formation in a dose-dependent manner in USC cells. [Read the Full Post]

Remodeling tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment via a novel bioactive nanovaccines potentiates the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy

20 views | Jul 12 2022

Xiaoxue Xie et al. demonstrated that the bioactive nanovaccine dramatically enhanced antigen presentation by dendritic cells (DCs). [Read the Full Post]

STAT3-mediated ferroptosis is involved in ulcerative colitis

37 views | Jul 11 2022

Fangfang Huang et al. suggested that ferroptosis was closely associated with the development of colitis and ferroptosis-related gene STAT3 could serve as a potential biomarker for diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis. [Read the Full Post]

The close interaction between hypoxia-related proteins and metastasis in pancarcinomas

40 views | Jul 11 2022

Andrés López-Cortés et al. identified 23 drugs enrolled in clinical trials focused on metastatic disease treatment. [Read the Full Post]

MicroRNA-26b regulates BMSC osteogenic differentiation of TMJ subchondral bone through β-catenin in osteoarthritis

38 views | Jul 10 2022

Jinlu Yang et al. thought that miR-26b might modulate subchondral bone loss induced by abnormal occlusion and influence the osteogenic differentiation of subchondral BMSCs through β-catenin in the context of TMJ-OA progression. [Read the Full Post]

Novel Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Induce Ferroptosis in a Panel of Cancer Cell Lines

23 views | Jul 10 2022

Roberto Fernández-Acosta et al. reported on novel ferroptosis-inducing iron encapsulated nanoparticles with potent anti-cancer properties, which had promising potential for further in vivo validation. [Read the Full Post]

Association between SCN5A R225Q variant and dilated cardiomyopathy: potential role of intracellular pH and WNT/β-catenin pathway

0 views | Jul 09 2022

Jingjing Hu et al. found that R225Q variant is associated with increased susceptibility to DCM. Ageing could enhance this process via activating WNT/β-catenin signaling in response to increased intracellular pH. [Read the Full Post]

Shedding light on the binding mechanism of kinase inhibitors BI-2536, Volasetib and Ro-3280 with their pharmacological target PLK1

41 views | Jul 08 2022

Jesús Fernández-Sainz et al. thought that the higher affinity of the inhibitors to PLK1 compared to ATP was mainly attributed to stronger van der Waals interactions. [Read the Full Post]

Predictive role of CD36 expression in HER2-positive breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant trastuzumab

89 views | Jul 08 2022

Francesca Ligorio et al. thought that high CD36 expression predicted worse clinical outcomes in early-stage HER2+ BC treated with trastuzumab-based neoadjuvant therapy. [Read the Full Post]

Chest computed tomography improvement in patients with cystic fibrosis treated with elexacaftor-tezacaftor-ivacaftor: Early report

29 views | Jul 07 2022

Romain Bec et al. found that ETI decreased pulmonary and sinus morphological abnormalities after one year of treatment. [Read the Full Post]

PLK inhibitors identified by high content phenotypic screening promote maturation of human PSC-derived cardiomyocytes

34 views | Jul 07 2022

Mengying Feng et al. found that PLK inhibitors could promote maturation of hPSC-CMs through suppressing AKT signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Type 1 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor Nuclear Localization in High-Grade Glioma Cells Enhances Motility, Metabolism, and In Vivo Tumorigenesis

23 views | Jul 06 2022

Ayelen Martin et al. provided evidence supporting the implications of the presence of IGF1R in the nucleus of glioma cells and a potential therapeutic opportunity for patients harboring gliomas with IGF1R nuclear localization. [Read the Full Post]

Differential cytotoxic activity of pharmacological inhibitors of IGF1R-related pathways in JAK2 V617F driven cells

29 views | Jul 06 2022

Jaqueline Cristina Fernandes et al. found that downregulation of JAK2/STAT signaling was an advantageous off-target effect of all three inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Safety of combining dabrafenib plus trametinib in elderly BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma patients: real-world data analysis of Spanish patients (ELDERLYMEL)

24 views | Jul 05 2022

Inés González-Barrallo et al. demonstrated that dabrafenib plus trametinib was safe and effective in at least 75 y.o. patients with advanced BRAF V600-mutated melanoma without increasing toxicity. [Read the Full Post]

Giant Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Axilla: 8-year Follow-up of a Case Treated with Excision, Vismodegib, and Radiotherapy

44 views | Jul 05 2022

Shih-Chiang Kuo et al. illustrated a rare disease with an 8-year follow-up, involving different therapeutic strategies against multiple recurrences. [Read the Full Post]

Oncogenic properties via MAPK signaling of the SOX5-RAF1 fusion gene identified in a wild-type NRAS/BRAF giant congenital nevus

25 views | Jul 04 2022

Antònia Vinyals et al. found that SOX5-RAF1, a driver event for CMN development, had oncogenic capacity. [Read the Full Post]

Carfilzomib plus dexamethasone in patients with relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma: a retro-prospective observational study

72 views | Jul 04 2022

Maria Livia Del Giudice et al. thought that Kd56 was an effective and well tolerated regimen in highly pretreated and elderly patients with a good safety profile. [Read the Full Post]

Reengineering Ponatinib to Minimize Cardiovascular Toxicity

140 views | Jul 03 2022

Anna Pavlovna Hnatiuk et al. suggested that ponatinib cardiotoxicity was mediated by a few kinases, some of which were previously unassociated with cardiovascular disease. [Read the Full Post]