Histone deacetylase 6 inhibition mitigates renal fibrosis by suppressing TGFß and EGFR signaling pathways in obstructive nephropathy

14 views | Oct 28 2020

Xingying Chen et al. indicated that HDAC6 inhibition could attenuate development of renal fibrosis by suppression of TGFb1 and EGFR signaling, and suggested that HDAC6 would be a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of renal fibrosis. [Read the Full Post]

Histone deacetylase 3 aberration inhibits Klotho transcription and promotes renal fibrosis

11 views | Oct 23 2020

Fang Chen et al.found that HDAC3 aberration and the subsequent Klotho suppression constituted an important regulatory loop that promotes MTD and renal fibrosis and uses of HDAC3-selective inhibitors were potentially effective in treating renal fibrotic disorders. [Read the Full Post]

HDAC3 Regulates Gingival Fibroblast Inflammatory Responses in Periodontitis

16 views | Oct 15 2020

K B Lagosz et al. identified HDAC3 as an important regulator of inflammatory gene expression in GFs and suggested that therapeutic targeting of HDAC activity, in particular HDAC3, may be clinically beneficial in suppressing inflammation in periodontal disease. [Read the Full Post]

Development of Artificial Plasma Membranes Derived Nanovesicles Suitable for Drugs Encapsulation

14 views | Oct 14 2020

Carolina Martinelli et al.documented the possibility to easily generate scalable nanovesicles with specific therapeutic cargo modifications useful in different drug delivery contexts. [Read the Full Post]

Fluvastatin potentiates anticancer activity of vorinostat in renal cancer cells

48 views | Sep 10 2020

Kazuki Okubo et al. found that there was a positive feedback cycle among AMPK activation, histone acetylation, and ER stress induction. [Read the Full Post]

The Antitumor Efficiency of Zinc Finger Nuclease combined with Cisplatin and Trichostatin A in Cervical Cancer Cells

50 views | Aug 16 2020

Ci Ren et al. demonstrated that ZFNs combined with DDP or TSA functioned effectively in cervical cancer cells, and it provided novel ideas for the prevention and treatment of HPV-related cervical malignances. [Read the Full Post]

Trichostatin A modulates the macrophage phenotype by enhancing autophagy to reduce inflammation during polymicrobial sepsis

50 views | Aug 13 2020

Shu-Nan Cui et al. showed that TSA promoted the macrophage M2 phenotype by enhancing autophagy to reduce systemic inflammation and ultimately improved the survival of mice with polymicrobial sepsis. [Read the Full Post]

4SC-202 induces apoptosis in myelodysplastic syndromes and the underlying mechanism

94 views | Jul 18 2020

Weili Wang et al. provided a novel therapeutic strategy for MDS. [Read the Full Post]

Protein Acetylation Derepresses Serotonin Synthesis to Potentiate Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function Through HDAC1-PKA-Tph1 Signaling

134 views | Jul 13 2020

Yuqing Zhang et al. highlighted a novel role of HDAC1-PKA-Tph1 signaling in governing β-cell functional compensation by derepressing serotonin synthesis. [Read the Full Post]

In Vitro Assessment of the Genotoxic Hazard of Novel Hydroxamic Acid- And Benzamide-Type Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDACi)

147 views | Jul 12 2020

Annabelle Friedrich et al. found that KSK64 revealed the highest genotoxic hazard and DDR stimulating potential, while TOK77 and MPK77 showed the lowest DNA damaging capacity. [Read the Full Post]