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The effect of hyperlipidemia on the pharmacokinetics, hepatic and pulmonary uptake of posaconazole in rat

0 views | May 20 2017

Khalil HA et al. induced lipoprotein level elevation caused alterations in the PSZ pharmacokinetics and decreased its hepatic and pulmonary uptake. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of local estrogen synthesis in the hippocampus impairs hippocampal memory consolidation in ovariectomized female mice

1299 views | May 20 2017

Tuscher JJ et al. found that hippocampally-synthesized E2 is necessary for hippocampus-dependent memory consolidation in rodents. [Read the Full Post]

Arsenic trioxide mediates HAPI microglia inflammatory response and subsequent neuron apoptosis through p38/JNK MAPK/STAT3 pathway

0 views | May 19 2017

Mao J et al. highlighted that the secretion of IL-1β and STAT3 activation induced by Arsenic trioxide can be mediated by elevation of P38/JNK MAPK in HAPI microglia cells and then induced the toxicity of neurons. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting survivin as a potential new treatment for chondrosarcoma of bone

0 views | May 19 2017

de Jong Y et al. found that survivin is important for chondrosarcoma survival and chondrosarcoma patients might benefit from survivin inhibition using YM155, for which TP53 mutational status can serve as a predictive biomarker. [Read the Full Post]

Rictor/mTORC2 Drives Progression and Therapeutic Resistance of HER2-Amplified Breast Cancers

1825 views | May 18 2017

Morrison-Joly M et al. found that Rictor/mTORC2 signaling drives Akt-dependent tumor progression in HER2-amplified breast cancers, rationalizing clinical investigation of dual mTORC1/2 kinase inhibitors and developing mTORC2-specific inhibitors for use in this setting. [Read the Full Post]

ErbB2-dependent downregulation of a pro-apoptotic protein Perp is required for oncogenic transformation of breast epithelial cells.

0 views | May 18 2017

Khan IA et al. have identified a novel mechanism of ErbB2-mediated mechanism of anoikis resistance of ErbB2-overproducing breast epithelial cells. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of Novel Inhibitors of the Type I Interferon Induction Pathway Using Cell-Based High-Throughput Screening

2666 views | May 17 2017

Gage ZO et al. demonstrate that one of these compounds acts at or upstream of IRF3 phosphorylation. [Read the Full Post]

Synthetic Lethal Targeting of ARID1A-Mutant Ovarian Clear Cell Tumors with Dasatinib

3656 views | May 17 2017

Miller RE et al. suggested that dasatinib merits investigation for the treatment of patients with ARID1A-mutant OCCC. [Read the Full Post]

Constructing and Validating High-Performance MIEC-SVM Models in Virtual Screening for Kinases: A Better Way for Actives Discovery

0 views | May 16 2017

Sun H et al. showed that the optimized MIEC-SVM model, which identified 7 actives with IC50 < 10 μM from 50 purchased compounds (namely hit rate of 14%, and 4 in nM level) and performed much better than Autodock (3 actives with IC50 < 10 μM from 50 purchased compounds, namely hit rate of 6%, and 2 in nM level), suggesting that the proposed strategy is a powerful tool in structure-based virtual screening [Read the Full Post]

Myocardial commitment from human pluripotent stem cells: Rapid production of human heart grafts

0 views | May 16 2017

Garreta E et al. provided a suitable platform for cardiac engineering and disease modeling in the human setting. [Read the Full Post]

Hiding inside? Intracellular expression of non-glycosylated c-kit protein in cardiac progenitor cells

3333 views | May 15 2017

Shi H et al. demonstrated for the first time that c-kit is not only expressed in CDCs but may also directly participate in CDC differentiation into an endothelial lineage. [Read the Full Post]

Seminal plasma induces inflammation in the uterus through the γδ T/IL-17 pathway

4353 views | May 15 2017

Song ZH et al. found a new mechanism by which seminal plasma could influence the inflammation in the uterus through the γδ T/IL-17 pathway to regulate the expression of various chemokines and cytokines. [Read the Full Post]

EGFR Activation Leads to Cell Death Independent of PI3K/AKT/mTOR in an AD293 Cell Line

0 views | May 14 2017

Treda C et al. showed another EGFR function, dependent on environmental factors, which could be employed in therapy and drug design. [Read the Full Post]

Selectivity for strand-transfer over 3'-processing and susceptibility to clinical resistance of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors are driven by key enzyme-DNA interactions in the active site

1256 views | May 13 2017

Métifiot M et al. indicated that the conserved residue Q146 in the flexible loop of HIV-1 integrase is critical for productive viral DNA binding through specific contacts with the virus DNA ends in the 3'-processing and ST reactions. [Read the Full Post]

Function of AURKA protein kinase in the formation of vasculogenic mimicry in triple-negative breast cancer stem cells

0 views | May 12 2017

Liu Y et al. suggested that AURKA protein kinase is involved in VM formation of CSCs and may become a new treatment target in suppressing VM and metastasis of breast cancer. [Read the Full Post]

A Platform for Rapid, Quantitative Assessment of Multiple Drug Combinations Simultaneously in Solid Tumors In Vivo

2326 views | May 12 2017

Dey J et al. found a platform for rapid, quantitative assessment of multiple drug combinations simultaneously in solid tumors In vivo. [Read the Full Post]

Src as a Therapeutic Target in Biliary Tract Cancer.

0 views | May 11 2017

Nam AR et al. suggested that Src might be a potential therapeutic target in BTC. [Read the Full Post]

Fast and Efficient Transfection of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Using Non-Viral Reagents.

0 views | May 11 2017

Tamm C et al. demonstrated that simplified and highly efficient transfection method will be valuable for both basic research and high-throughput applications. [Read the Full Post]

Valproic Acid and Other HDAC Inhibitors Upregulate FGF21 Gene Expression and Promote Process Elongation in Glia by Inhibiting HDAC2 and 3.

0 views | May 10 2017

Leng Y et al. provided a new mechanism via which histone deacetylase 2 and 3 participate in upregulating fibroblast growth factor 21 transcription and extending process outgrowth in glia. [Read the Full Post]

Effect of the BRCA1-SIRT1-EGFR axis on cisplatin sensitivity in ovarian cancer.

0 views | May 10 2017

Those results improve Li Det al.'s understanding of the basic molecular mechanism underlying BRCA1-related cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer. [Read the Full Post]