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Preparation and Biochemical Analysis of Classical Histone Deacetylases

2308 views | Nov 24 2016

Villagra A et al. reviewed some of the older established methods for assaying HDAC activities, as well as introduces more recently developed nontraditional assays. [Read the Full Post]

Prolonged mitotic arrest induces a caspase-dependent DNA damage response at telomeres that determines cell survival

1709 views | Nov 23 2016

Hain KO et al. demonstrated that mitotic stress is characterised by the sub-apoptotic activation of a classical caspase pathway, which promotes telomere deprotection, activates DNA damage signalling, and determines cell fate in response to a prolonged delay in mitosis. [Read the Full Post]

Cannabinoid receptor-2 stimulation suppresses neuroinflammation by regulating microglial M1/M2 polarization through the cAMP/PKA pathway in an experimental GMH rat model

1508 views | Nov 23 2016

The results of Tao Y et al. will help to further understand the mechanisms that underlie neuroprotection by CB2R in GMH and promote clinical translational research for CB2R agonists. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of Extracellular Calcium Influx Results in Enhanced IL-12 Production in LPS-Treated Murine Macrophages by Downregulation of the CaMKKb-AMPK-SIRT1 Signaling Pathway

391 views | Nov 23 2016

Liu X et al.’s study demonstrates a new role of transmembrane calcium mobilization in immunity modulation such that inhibition of calcium influx leads to impaired activation of CaMKKβ-AMPK-SIRT1 signaling pathway which lifts restriction on NF-κB activation and results in enhanced IL-12 production. [Read the Full Post]

Tetrandrine has anti-adipogenic effect on 3T3-L1 preadipocytes through the reduced expression and/or phosphorylation levels of C/EBP-α, PPAR-γ, FAS, perilipin A, and STAT-3

1194 views | Nov 22 2016

Jang BC et al. showed that tetrandrine has strong anti-adipogenic effect on 3T3-L1 preadipocytes and the effect is largely attributable to the reduced expression and/or phosphorylation levels of C/EBP-α, PPAR-γ, FAS, perilipin A, and STAT-3. [Read the Full Post]

tRNA modification profiles of the fast-proliferating cancer cells

1697 views | Nov 22 2016

Dong C et al.'s results indicated that tRNA is a actively regulated RNA species in the fast-proliferating cancer cells, and suggest that they may play a more active role in biological process than expected. [Read the Full Post]

Diverse, Biologically Relevant, and Targetable Gene Rearrangements in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Other Malignancies

2134 views | Nov 21 2016

Shaver TM et al. identified highlight the importance of considering noncoding gene rearrangement partners, and the targetable gene fusions identified in TNBC demonstrate the need to advance gene fusion detection for molecularly heterogeneous cancers. [Read the Full Post]

MEK inhibitor CI-1040 induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells in vitro

1007 views | Nov 21 2016

Wei CR et al. demonstrated that CI-1040 induce apoptosis of U-937 cells and might be a new therapeutic option for the treatment of AML. [Read the Full Post]

Nucleoside Inhibitors of Zika Virus

1054 views | Nov 20 2016

Antiviral activity was identified when 2'-C-methylated nucleosides were tested, suggesting that these compounds might represent promising lead candidates for further development of specific antivirals against ZIKV. [Read the Full Post]

Shh mediates PDGF-induced contractile-to-synthetic phenotypic modulation in vascular smooth muscle cells through regulation of KLF4

1110 views | Nov 20 2016

Zeng Q et al. provided critical insights into the newly discovered role of Shh in phenotypic modulation of VSMCs which depends on KLF4. [Read the Full Post]

Effects of bavachin and its regulation of melanin synthesis in A375 cells

1209 views | Nov 18 2016

Bavachin inhibited the synthesis of melanin on A375 cells by inhibiting the protein and mRNA expression of TYR, TRP-1, TRP-2, ERK1, ERK2 andJNK2. [Read the Full Post]

The Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathway Facilitates Resistance to the Src Inhibitor Dasatinib in Thyroid Cancer

1141 views | Nov 18 2016

Beadnell TC et al. demonstrated that up-front combined inhibition with dasatinib and MEK1/2 or ERK1/2 inhibitors drives synergistic inhibition of growth and induction of apoptosis, indicating that combined inhibition may overcome mechanisms of survival in response to single-agent inhibition. [Read the Full Post]

miR-137 suppresses tumor growth of malignant melanoma by targeting aurora kinase A

1678 views | Nov 17 2016

Chang X et al. revealed that miR-137 functions as a tumor suppressor by targeting AURKA, providing new insights into investigation of therapeutic strategies against malignant melanoma. [Read the Full Post]

Regulation of the Nampt-mediated NAD salvage pathway and its therapeutic implications in pancreatic cancer

1608 views | Nov 17 2016

Ju HQ et al. revealed a novel regulatory mechanism for Nampt in PDAC and suggested that Nampt inhibition may override gemcitabine resistance by decreasing the NAD level and suppressing glycolytic activity, warranting further clinical investigation for pancreatic cancer treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Mutations Confer Dasatinib Hypersensitivity and SRC Dependence in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

3764 views | Nov 16 2016

Saha SK et al. showed that IDHm ICC cells have a unique dependency on SRC and suggested that dasatinib may have therapeutic benefit against IDHm ICC. [Read the Full Post]

Expression and clinical significance of Wee1 in colorectal cancer

1407 views | Nov 16 2016

The lack of clinical significance of Wee1 expression could indicate that other tumor types might be better suited for further development of Wee1 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Antagonizing Integrin β3 Increases Immunosuppression in Cancer

1159 views | Nov 15 2016

Su X et al. suggested that effects of integrin β3 therapies on immune cells should be considered to improve outcomes. [Read the Full Post]

Protective effect of necrostatin-1 on myocardial tissue in rats with acute myocardial infarction

1310 views | Nov 15 2016

Liu YR et al. found that necrostatin-1 can inhibit myocardial tissue apoptosis and necrosis in acute myocardial infarct rats and has a protective effect on myocardial tissue. [Read the Full Post]

Mechanistic Approaches to Improve Correction of the Most Common Disease-Causing Mutation in Cystic Fibrosis

1151 views | Nov 14 2016

Bali V et al. found that stabilization of ΔF508 CFTR band B in the ER might improve its functional rescue by Orkambi. [Read the Full Post]

Androgen-Sensitized Apoptosis of HPr-1AR Human Prostate Epithelial Cells

1307 views | Nov 13 2016

The study of Chen C et al. offers insight into AR-mediated regulation of prostate epithelial cell death signaling. [Read the Full Post]