Insulin-like signaling promotes limb regeneration in the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

129 views | Mar 20 2022

Ju Li et al. identified a conserved insulin-like receptor in E. sinensis, and provided new evidence for the involvement of ILS in the regulation of limb autotomy and regeneration in crustaceans. [Read the Full Post]

Radiotherapy alters expression of molecular targets in prostate cancer in a fractionation- and time-dependent manner

145 views | Mar 09 2022

Iris Eke et al. found that understanding the molecular short- and long-term changes after irradiation could aid in optimizing the efficacy of multimodal radiation oncology in combination with post-irradiation molecularly-targeted drug treatment and improving the outcome of prostate cancer patients. [Read the Full Post]

HSP90 inhibition acts synergistically with heat to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells

754 views | Oct 14 2021

Petros X E Mouratidis et al. found that sub-ablative heating could act synergistically with the clinically relevant HSP90 inhibitor NVP-AUY922 to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells. [Read the Full Post]

Evolution of kinase polypharmacology across HSP90 drug discovery

739 views | Oct 13 2021

Albert A Antolin et al. found that the resorcinol clinical candidates ganetespib and, to a lesser extent, luminespib, displayed unique off-target kinase pharmacology as compared with other HSP90 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Brigatinib causes tumor shrinkage in both NF2-deficient meningioma and schwannoma through inhibition of multiple tyrosine kinases but not ALK

645 views | Sep 07 2021

Long-Sheng Chang et al. demonstrated the power of the de novo unbiased approach for drug discovery and represented a major step forward in the advancement of therapeutics for the treatment of NF2 related malignancies. [Read the Full Post]

Pharmacovigilance analysis of cardiac toxicities associated with targeted therapies for metastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma

724 views | Aug 25 2021

Sarah Waliany et al. thought that monitoring for heart failure and arrhythmias should be considered with NSCLC targeted therapies, especially osimertinib. [Read the Full Post]

Glucocorticoid receptor triggers a reversible drug-tolerant dormancy state with acquired therapeutic vulnerabilities in lung cancer

237 views | Aug 13 2021

Stefan Prekovic et al. showed that GR activation induced reversible cancer cell dormancy characterised by anticancer drug tolerance, and activation of growth factor survival signalling accompanied by vulnerability to inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

A systems-level study reveals host-targeted repurposable drugs against SARS-CoV-2 infection

224 views | Aug 12 2021

Fangyuan Chen et al. found that almeterol, rottlerin, and mTOR inhibitors exhibited antiviral activities in Vero-E6 cells; imipramine, linsitinib, hexylresorcinol, ezetimibe, and brompheniramine impaired viral entry. [Read the Full Post]

IGF-1R inhibition induces MEK phosphorylation to promote survival in colon carcinomas

363 views | Apr 07 2021

Qing Wang et al. found that the treatment of colon tumor cells with IGF-1R inhibitors stimulated p70S6K1 activity via MEK1/2 to promote survival, providing a new strategy for colorectal cancer therapeutics. [Read the Full Post]

Cardiomyocyte protective effects of thyroid hormone during hypoxia/reoxygenation injury through activating of IGF-1-mediated PI3K/Akt signalling

206 views | Mar 31 2021

Bin Zeng et al. showed that T3 pretreatment protected cardiomyocytes against H/R-induced injury by activating the IGF-1-mediated PI3K/Akt signalling pathway. [Read the Full Post]