Targeted therapy for LIMD1-deficient non-small cell lung cancer subtypes

64 views | Mar 12 2022

Kathryn Davidson et al. had identified a novel drug tool with significant preclinical characterisation that served as an excellent candidate to explore and define LIMD1-deficient cancers as a new therapeutic subgroup of critical unmet need. [Read the Full Post]

Chk1 and the Host Cell DNA Damage Response as a Potential Antiviral Target in BK Polyomavirus Infection

209 views | Dec 14 2021

Lydia E Hainley et al. found that Chk1 inhibitors were safe and effective in clinical trials for cancer should also be evaluated for antiviral activity against BKPyV. [Read the Full Post]

Synergistic cytotoxicity of the CDK4 inhibitor Fascaplysin in combination with EGFR inhibitor Afatinib against Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

98 views | Dec 12 2021

Adelina Plangger et al. showed high cytotoxicity against pleural primary NSCLC lines that could be further boosted when combined with the EGFR TKI afatinib. [Read the Full Post]

A Phase 1b Trial of Prexasertib in Combination with Standard-of-Care Agents in Advanced or Metastatic Cancer

126 views | Nov 17 2021

Kathleen N Moore et al. found that prexasertib could be combined with cisplatin, cetuximab, and 5-fluorouracil. [Read the Full Post]

Chk1 inhibition potently blocks STAT3 tyrosine705 phosphorylation, DNA binding activity, and activation of downstream targets in human multiple myeloma cells

112 views | Nov 17 2021

Liang Zhou et al. suggest that Chk1 pathway inhibitors warranted attention as novel and potent candidate STAT3 antagonists in myeloma. [Read the Full Post]

Radiation-Induced Autophagy in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells is Critically Dependent on G2 Checkpoint Activation: A Mechanism of Radioresistance in Pancreatic Cancer

143 views | Oct 31 2021

Motofumi Suzuki et al. found that Biological crosstalk existed between the G2 checkpoint activation and radiation-induced autophagy processes. [Read the Full Post]

A combination of PARP and CHK1 inhibitors efficiently antagonizes MYCN-driven tumors

181 views | Oct 31 2021

Stefano Di Giulio et al. found the combination of PARP and CHK1 inhibitors as a new potential chemo-free strategy to treat MYCN-driven tumors, which might be promptly translated into clinical trials. [Read the Full Post]

CHK1 inhibitor sensitizes resistant colorectal cancer stem cells to nortopsentin

260 views | Oct 14 2021

Simone Di Franco et al. found that synergistic combination of NORA234 and CHK1 (rabusertib) targeting was synthetic lethal inducing death of both CD44v6-negative and CD44v6-positive CRC stem cell fractions, aside from Wnt pathway activity. [Read the Full Post]

CEP131 Abrogates CHK1 Inhibitor-Induced Replication Defects and Is Associated with Unfavorable Outcome in Neuroblastoma

187 views | Mar 25 2021

Kiyohiro Ando et al. revealed that MDM2 was associated with CEP131 protein degradation, whereas overexpression of CEP131 accelerated neuroblastoma cell growth and exhibited resistance to CHK1i-induced replication defects. [Read the Full Post]

The phosphorylation of CHK1 at Ser345 regulates the phenotypic switching of vascular smooth muscle cells both in vitro and in vivo

258 views | Dec 25 2020

Chen Xin et al. demonstrated that phosphorylation of CHK1 under DNA damage stress modulated VSMCs phenotypic switching. [Read the Full Post]