Differential Outcomes in Codon 12/13 and Codon 61 NRAS-Mutated Cancers in the Phase 2 NCI-MATCH Trial of Binimetinib in Patients with NRAS-Mutated Tumors

9 views | Mar 07 2021

James M Cleary et al. thought that the observation of increased OS and PFS in codon 61 NRAS-mutated colorectal cancer patients merited further investigation. [Read the Full Post]

Dexmedetomidine reduces ventilator-induced lung injury via ERK1/2 pathway activation

46 views | Nov 13 2020

Chun-Hua Zhu et al. found that dexmedetomidine reduced the inflammatory response and epithelial cell death caused by VILI, via the activation of the ERK1/2 signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Flavonoids Restore Platinum Drug Sensitivity to Ovarian Carcinoma Cells in a Phospho-ERK1/2-Dependent Fashion

42 views | Sep 15 2020

Yifat Koren Carmi et al. showed the potential of combining flavonoids with standard therapy to restore drug sensitivity to OC cells and overcomed TME-mediated platinum drug resistance. [Read the Full Post]

Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells under ox-LDL Is Regulated by Alismatis rhizoma Decoction via InhibitingERK1/2 and miR-17∼92a Cluster Activation

58 views | Sep 14 2020

Julian Shen et al. provided the multitarget mechanisms for application of AD in the treatment of atherosclerosis. [Read the Full Post]

Anti-inflammatory Effect of AZD6244 on Acrolein-Induced Neuroinflammation

48 views | Sep 10 2020

Wen-Chien Ho et al. suggested that ERK inhibition may be a neuroprotective target against acrolein-induced neuroinflammation in the CNS neurodegenerative diseases. [Read the Full Post]

Selumetinib for plexiform neurofibromas in neurofibromatosis type 1: a single-institution experience

58 views | Aug 09 2020

Vera Espírito Santo et al. showed that the drug was associated with clinical and radiological improvement. [Read the Full Post]

RAF dimer inhibition enhances the antitumor activity of MEK inhibitors in K-RAS mutant tumors

0 views | Jul 18 2020

Xi Yuan et al. supported a vertical inhibition strategy in which RAF dimer and MEKi are combined to target K-RAS-mutated cancers. [Read the Full Post]

A New Compound With Increased Antitumor Activity by Cotargeting MEK and Pim-1

84 views | Jun 30 2020

Yanan Li et al. uncovered a new MEK inhibitor KZ-02 with significantly enhanced antitumor activity by co-targeting MEK and Pim-1. [Read the Full Post]

MEK Inhibitors Combined With Programmed Cell death-1 Blockade Immunotherapy for Metastatic Uveal Melanoma: Is It Warranted?

81 views | Jun 30 2020

Anais Zanella et al. highlighted the need to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new treatment options such as MEKi and anti-PD-1 for mUM. [Read the Full Post]

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Chemical Probes in Human Whole Blood: Focus on Prostaglandin E 2 Production

87 views | Jun 24 2020

Filip Bergqvist et al. deployed a semi-high throughput and robust methodology to investigate anti-inflammatory properties of new chemical probes. [Read the Full Post]