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Casein kinase 2 inhibitor CX-4945 elicits an anti-Warburg effects through the downregulation of TAp73 and inhibits gastric tumorigenesis

723 views | Aug 27 2020

Shengli Tang et al. suggested that CX-4945 elicited an anti-Warburg effects in gastric cancer overexpressing Tap73 and inhibited gastric tumorigenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Cannabinoid 1 Receptor Antagonists Play a Neuroprotective Role in Chronic Alcoholic Hippocampal Injury Related to Pyroptosis Pathway

268 views | Aug 26 2020

Dingang Zhang et al. indicated that cannabinoid receptors were regulated during this process, which suggested promising therapeutic strategies against alcohol-induced neurotoxicity through pharmacologic inhibition of CB1R. [Read the Full Post]

Pyroptosis is involved in the inhibitory effect of FL118 on growth and metastasis in colorectal cancer

275 views | Aug 26 2020

Zhenxue Tang et al. found that FL118 restrained the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer by inducing NLRP3-ASC-Caspase-1 mediated pyroptosis, which provided important evidence in the study on the role of pyroptosis and different tumors. [Read the Full Post]

MicroRNA-182 exacerbates blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption by downregulating the mTOR/FOXO1 pathway in cerebral ischemia

353 views | Aug 24 2020

Tongshuai Zhang et al. found that miR-182 might be a potential target for the treatment of BBB disruption during cerebral ischemia. [Read the Full Post]

Molecular dynamic simulations to investigate the structural impact of known drug resistance mutations on HIV-1C Integrase-Dolutegravir binding

236 views | Aug 24 2020

Rumbidzai Chitongo et al. suggested the G140S mutant had the strongest effect on the HIV-1C IN protein structure and Dolutegravir binding. [Read the Full Post]

The mTORC1 inhibitor rapamycin and the mTORC1/2 inhibitor AZD2014 impair the consolidation and persistence of contextual fear memory

312 views | Aug 23 2020

Phillip E MacCallum et al. indicated the need to further understand the role of mTORC1/2 kinase activity in the molecular mechanisms underlying memory processing and also demonstrated that the effects of mTORC1 inhibition at different timepoints well after learning on memory consolidation and persistence. [Read the Full Post]

Optimal Care for Patients with Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK)-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Review on the Role and Utility of ALK Inhibitors

440 views | Aug 23 2020

Abhay Singh et al. provided a summary of the clinical development of crizotinib, ceritinib, alectinib, brigatinib, and lorlatinib and highlighted current management paradigms, current and evolving clinical information, emerging clinical decision-making and sequencing of therapy in advanced, metastatic, or recurrent ALK-positive NSCLC. [Read the Full Post]

The impact of autophagy on arbovirus infection of mosquito cells

270 views | Aug 20 2020

Doug E Brackney et al. suggested that commonly used chemical modulators of autophagy alter mosquito cells in such a way as to promote viral replication. [Read the Full Post]

Resurrecting a p53 peptide activator - An enabling nanoengineering strategy for peptide therapeutics

455 views | Aug 20 2020

Wangxiao He et al. proposed that this clinically viable drug delivery strategy could be applied not only to peptide activators of p53 for cancer therapy, but also to peptide therapeutics in general aimed at targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions for disease intervention. [Read the Full Post]

F-box protein FBXO31 modulates apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of cervical cancer via inactivation of the PI3K/AKT-mediated MDM2/p53 axis

359 views | Aug 19 2020

Keying Liu et al. revealed that FBXO31 down-regulated CC progression by blocking the PI3K/AKT-mediated MDM2/p53 axis, suggesting that FBXO31 might serve as a promising therapeutic target for CC treatment. [Read the Full Post]

GSK3β-Ikaros-ANXA4 signaling inhibits high-glucose-induced fibroblast migration

1093 views | Aug 19 2020

Youpei Wang et al. provided a new regulatory mechanism by which GSK3β negatively regulated human skin fibroblast cell migration. [Read the Full Post]

CircPlekha7 plays an anti-fibrotic role in intrauterine adhesions by modulating endometrial stromal cell proliferation and apoptosis

280 views | Aug 18 2020

Wei Xie et al. indicated that circPlekha7 played an anti-fibrotic role in IUA and might serve as a promising prognostic biomarker for patients with IUA. [Read the Full Post]

The rRNA synthesis inhibitor CX-5461 may induce autophagy that inhibits anticancer drug-induced cell damage to leukemia cells

277 views | Aug 18 2020

Shuichiro Okamoto et al. showed the autophagy which might be induced by CX-5461 was the second type. [Read the Full Post]

A phase 2 trial of buparlisib in patients with platinum-resistant metastatic urothelial carcinoma

286 views | Aug 17 2020

Victor McPherson et al. proposed that given the modest clinical activity and substantial toxicity of buparlisib, future trials of PI3K inhibitors in patients with UC should focus on isoform-selective PI3K inhibitors in genomically selected patients. [Read the Full Post]

The role of CUDC-907, a dual phosphoinositide-3 kinase and histone deacetylase inhibitor, in inhibiting proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia

246 views | Aug 17 2020

Chie Ishikawa et al. showed that CUDC-907 might be a potential therapeutic agent for ATL. [Read the Full Post]

The Antitumor Efficiency of Zinc Finger Nuclease combined with Cisplatin and Trichostatin A in Cervical Cancer Cells

435 views | Aug 16 2020

Ci Ren et al. demonstrated that ZFNs combined with DDP or TSA functioned effectively in cervical cancer cells, and it provided novel ideas for the prevention and treatment of HPV-related cervical malignances. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of MYC as an antinecroptotic protein that stifles RIPK1-RIPK3 complex formation

450 views | Aug 16 2020

Daehyeon Seong et al. found that MYC-mediated suppression of necroptosis was a mechanism of necroptosis resistance in cancer, and approaches targeting MYC to induce necroptosis represent an attractive therapeutic strategy for cancer. [Read the Full Post]

Macrophages confer resistance to PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 in breast cancer through the activation of NF-κB signaling

389 views | Aug 13 2020

Muhammad Waqas Usman et al. suggested macrophages in microenvironment may contribute to the resistance of breast cancer cells to PI3K inhibition and reveal a new combination paradigm to improve the efficacy of PI3K-targeted therapy. [Read the Full Post]

Trichostatin A modulates the macrophage phenotype by enhancing autophagy to reduce inflammation during polymicrobial sepsis

445 views | Aug 13 2020

Shu-Nan Cui et al. showed that TSA promoted the macrophage M2 phenotype by enhancing autophagy to reduce systemic inflammation and ultimately improved the survival of mice with polymicrobial sepsis. [Read the Full Post]

Tumour-associated neutrophils orchestrate intratumoural IL-8-driven immune evasion through Jagged2 activation in ovarian cancer

642 views | Aug 12 2020

Moran Yang et al. found that JAG2+TANs were closely linked to IL-8-driven immune evasion microenvironment and might serve as a promising therapeutic target for the reinvigoration of anti-tumour immunity. [Read the Full Post]