Structure-based discovery of 1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives as potent ASK1 inhibitors for potential treatment of ulcerative colitis

277 views | Feb 23 2021

Shaohua Hou et al. suggested that ASK1 inhibitors could potentially be used as a therapeutic strategy for UC. [Read the Full Post]

Selonsertib, a potential drug for liver failure therapy by rescuing the mitochondrial dysfunction of macrophage via ASK1-JNK-DRP1 pathway

284 views | Feb 22 2021

Guohua Lou et al. thought that selonsertib protected against LPS/GalN-induced ALF by attenuating JNK-mediated DRP1 mitochondrial translocation and then rescuing mitochondrial damage in macrophages and might have therapeutic potential for early ALF patients. [Read the Full Post]