Construction and evaluation of detachable bone-targeting MOF carriers for the delivery of proteasome inhibitors

42 views | Jun 17 2022

Hongbing Yang et al. provided a potential cascade targeting strategy for improving the delivery effects of bone targeted nanoparticles for the delivery of proteasome inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

SLFN11 biomarker status predicts response to lurbinectedin as a single agent and in combination with ATR inhibition in small cell lung cancer

103 views | Apr 27 2022

Kiran Kundu et al. provided a rationale for lurbinectedin in combination with ATR inhibitors to overcome resistance in SCLC with low SLFN11 expression. [Read the Full Post]

Neddylation is essential for β-catenin degradation in Wnt signaling pathway

105 views | Apr 10 2022

Bojun Wang et al. highlighted the importance of reassessing previously identified ubiquitylation substrates. [Read the Full Post]

GRP78 blockade overcomes intrinsic resistance to UBA1 inhibitor TAK-243 in glioblastoma

106 views | Apr 10 2022

Xu Zhang et al. provided a new strategy for improving the sensitivity of GBM to TAK-243 treatment and experimental basis for further clinical trials to evaluate this combination therapy. [Read the Full Post]

Activation of Age-Related Nuclear Factor-κB Signaling Pathway Leads to Chronic Inflammation and Pituitary Fibrosis

110 views | Mar 21 2022

Jian Mao et al. investigated the mechanism of pituitary fibrosis in elderly people. [Read the Full Post]

Construction of an Immune-Autophagy Prognostic Model Based on ssGSEA Immune Scoring Algorithm Analysis and Prognostic Value Exploration of the Immune-Autophagy Gene in Endometrial Carcinoma (EC) Based on Bioinformatics

167 views | Mar 13 2022

Xiaomin Xu et al. constructed the immuno-autophagy prognosis model of endometrial cancer and identified three high-risk immunoautophagy genes, including VEGFA, CCL2, and Ifng. [Read the Full Post]

SC75741, A Novel c-Abl Inhibitor, Promotes the Clearance of TDP25 Aggregates via ATG5-Dependent Autophagy Pathway

93 views | Feb 26 2022

Dongheng Zhou et al. found that dual-targeted inhibition of c-Abl and NF-κB may be a potential treatment for TDP43 proteinopathies and ALS. [Read the Full Post]

Arginase II Promotes Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Through Exacerbating Senescence and Apoptosis Caused by Oxidative Stress and Inflammation via the NF-κB Pathway

93 views | Dec 31 2021

Fudong Li et al. suggested that ARG2 deficiency prevented IDD via NF-κB, and might therefore, be a potential therapeutic strategy for IDD. [Read the Full Post]

Histone chaperone FACT complex inhibitor CBL0137 interferes with DNA damage repair and enhances sensitivity of medulloblastoma to chemotherapy and radiation

213 views | Nov 07 2021

Heyu Song et al. concluded that FACT complex promoted chemo-radiation resistance in MB, and FACT inhibitor CBL0137 could be used as a chemo-radiation sensitizer to augment treatment efficacy and reduce therapy-related toxicity in high-risk pediatric patients. [Read the Full Post]

Outcome of COVID-19 infection in 50 multiple myeloma patients treated with novel drugs: single-center experience

966 views | Jul 27 2021

Marta Krejci et al. found that the course of COVID-19 disease in MM pts was mostly moderate or serious with 56% of hospitalizations and 18% of deaths. [Read the Full Post]