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Curdione attenuates thrombin-induced human platelet activation: β1-tubulin as a potential therapeutic target

772 views | Oct 24 2018

Zhang D et al. indicated that β1-tubulin may be a potential target of curdione, which attenuates thrombin-induced human platelet activation. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of mTOR as a primary resistance factor of the IAP antagonist AT406 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

0 views | Oct 24 2018

Zhen MC et al. concluded that mTOR could be a key resistance factor of AT406 in HCC cells. [Read the Full Post]

Three-dimensional biomimetic model to reconstitute sprouting lymphangiogenesis in vitro

423 views | Oct 23 2018

Kim S et al. not only revealed critical but unappreciated role of mechanical cue that regulates lymphangiogenic sprouting, but also provides a novel biomimetic model that may leverage further biological studies as well as phenotypic drug screening. [Read the Full Post]

Btk inhibition treats TLR7/IFN driven murine lupus

382 views | Oct 23 2018

Bender AT et al. provided translational insight into how Btk inhibition may provide benefit to a variety of SLE patients by affecting both BCR and FcR signaling. [Read the Full Post]

Allogeneic islet cells implant on poly-l-lactide matrix to reduce hyperglycaemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat

0 views | Oct 22 2018

Hendrawan S et al. indicated the islet cell matrix implant reduced the blood glucose levels although complete normo-glycaemia was not established. The islet cell matrix implant may serve as an additional option for islet cell transplantation using 3D scaffold platforms for better survival and function of the islet cells. [Read the Full Post]

EpCAM Intracellular Domain Promotes Porcine Cell Reprogramming by Upregulation of Pluripotent Gene Expression via Beta-catenin Signaling

352 views | Oct 21 2018

Yu T et al. showed that EpCAM intracellular domain required beta-catenin signaling to enhance porcine cell reprogramming. [Read the Full Post]

Dopamine D2 receptor and β-arrestin 2 mediate Amyloid-β elevation induced by anti-parkinson's disease drugs, levodopa and piribedil, in neuronal cells

569 views | Oct 21 2018

Lu J et al. suggested that targeting D2R-mediated β-arrestin function may have potential risk in the modulation of Aβ pathology. [Read the Full Post]

Construction of a novel cell-based assay for the evaluation of anti-EGFR drug efficacy against EGFR mutation

988 views | Oct 20 2018

Hoshi H et al. successfully developed a novel cell-based assay for evaluating the efficacy of anti-EGFR drugs against EGFR mutation. [Read the Full Post]

PDE5 inhibitors enhance the lethality of [pemetrexed + sorafenib]

721 views | Oct 19 2018

Booth L et al. argued that additional clinical studies combining pemetrexed, sorafenib and sildenafil are warranted. [Read the Full Post]

Allogeneic islet cells implant on poly-l-lactide matrix to reduce hyperglycaemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat

404 views | Oct 19 2018

Hendrawan S et al. found that 82% of seeded islet cells attached to the matrices. In the IMI group blood glucose levels were significantly reduced after implantation compared with before implantation across several time points. In the IMI group beta-cells and insulin-positive cells were identified at the implant site. [Read the Full Post]

Reversible lysine-specific demethylase 1 antagonist HCI-2509 inhibits growth and decreases c-MYC in castration- and docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells

0 views | Oct 18 2018

Gupta S et al. found that LSD1 inhibition with HCI-2509 decreases the c-MYC level in poorly differentiated prostate cancer cell lines and has a therapeutic potential in castration- and docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer. [Read the Full Post]

Tumor-secreted anterior gradient-2 binds to VEGF and FGF2 and enhances their activities by promoting their homodimerization.

594 views | Oct 18 2018

Guo H et al. proposed that the secreted AGR2 is a blockable molecular target, which acts as a chaperon-like enhancer to VEGF and FGF2. [Read the Full Post]

PFK15, a Small Molecule Inhibitor of PFKFB3, Induces Cell Cycle Arrest, Apoptosis and Inhibits Invasion in Gastric Cancer

332 views | Oct 17 2018

Zhu W et al. indicated that PFK15 is a promising anticancer drug for treating gastric cancer. [Read the Full Post]

The selective MEK1 inhibitor Selumetinib enhances the antitumor activity of everolimus against renal cell carcinoma in vitro and in vivo

299 views | Oct 17 2018

Zou Y et al. provided a sound evidence that combination of everolimus and Selumetinib is a potential dual-targeted strategy for renal cell carcinoma. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase suppresses fibroblast-like synoviocytes-mediated synovial inflammation and joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis

299 views | Oct 16 2018

Zou Y et al. showed that elevated PFKFB3 expression might contribute to synovial inflammation and aggressive behaviours of RA FLSs, suggesting a novel strategy of targeting PFKFB3 to prevent synovial inflammation and joint destruction in RA. [Read the Full Post]

Blockage of glycolysis by targeting PFKFB3 suppresses tumor growth and metastasis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

275 views | Oct 16 2018

Li HM et al. indicated the pharmacological inhibition of PFKFB3 via PFK15 suppressed tumor growth and alleviated metastasis in HNSCC, offering a promising strategy for cancer therapy. [Read the Full Post]

A sensitive virus yield assay for evaluation of Antivirals against Zika Virus

477 views | Oct 15 2018

Goebel S et al. showed qPCR associated higher sensitivity and short duration of the assay time, this novel cell based assay will be very useful for confirming the activity of antivirals against ZIKV. [Read the Full Post]

Retinoic acid and TGF-β signalling cooperate to overcome MYCN-induced retinoid resistance

1105 views | Oct 15 2018

Duffy DJ et al. provided a powerful precision oncology tool for identifying the driving signalling networks for malignancies not primarily driven by somatic mutations, such as paediatric cancers. By applying global omics approaches to the signalling networks regulating neuroblastoma differentiation and stemness, we have determined the pathways involved in the MYCN-mediated retinoid resistance, with TGF-β signalling being a key regulator. These findings revealed a number of combination treatments likely to improve clinical response to retinoid therapy, including co-treatment with retinoids and KGN, which may prove valuable in the treatment of high-risk MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma. [Read the Full Post]

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition confers resistance to selective FGFR inhibitors in SNU-16 gastric cancer cells

0 views | Oct 14 2018

Grygielewicz P et al. provided experimental evidence that EMT-mediated resistance might emerge in gastric cancer patients following treatment with FGFR inhibitors, and mubritinib or AUY922 treatment may be an alternative therapeutic strategy for these patients. [Read the Full Post]

Acquired resistance to combination treatment through loss of synergy with MEK and PI3K inhibitors in colorectal cancer

0 views | Oct 14 2018

Bhattacharya B et al. highlight that AQR to combination treatment may develop through alternative mechanisms to those of single agent treatment, including a change in drug interaction. [Read the Full Post]