Blog of Signaling Pathways

CCR4 mutations act as key factors in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma pathogenesis

4113 views | Dec 22 2014

Nakagawa et al. reported the dysregulation of CCR4 is critical in ATLL pathogenesis, and the inhibition of CCR4 signaling may have clinical value for curative treatment of ATLL. [Read the Full Post]

ABL1, a new target of oxidative stress related rental cancer

5094 views | Dec 19 2014

Sourbier et al. used hereditary kidney cancers as a model to investigate mechanism-based therapeutic interventions by metabolic adaptations. They found the activation of ABL1, an proto-oncogene, is critical in tumors that relate to glycolysis and oxidative stress. [Read the Full Post]

Novel approach of genetic perturbation

2163 views | Dec 18 2014

Konermann et al. built a CRISPR-Cas9 complex for the regulation of effective transcriptional activation at target genomic loci. [Read the Full Post]

The inhibition of JAK signaling promotes the conversion from white to brown adipocytes

7859 views | Dec 17 2014

By using a screening platform of small molecules identification, Moisan et al. found two inhibitors of JAK signaling were able to convert white adipocytes to brown adipocytes. [Read the Full Post]

The Notch signaling controls maintenance of memory CD4+ T cells

9240 views | Dec 16 2014

Recently, Maekawa et al. demonstrated Notch signaling is important for the survival of memory CD4+ T cells by regulating glucose uptake. [Read the Full Post]

The inhibition of BET leads to a suppression of osteoclastogenesis

2872 views | Dec 15 2014

Park-Min et al. found the inhibitor of bromo and extra-terminal (BET), I-BET151, can strongly reduce osteocelstogenesis. [Read the Full Post]

The early resistance to BARF(V600)-mutant melanoma is triggered by reactivation of MAPK pathway

2869 views | Dec 12 2014

In regards to mechanism of emerging drug resistance, Long et al. demonstrated MAPK pathway was reactivated in early stage of resistance to combination therapy. [Read the Full Post]

The inhibitor of CCR5 block metastasis of v-Src oncogene-transformed prostate cancer

3024 views | Dec 11 2014

Sicoli et al. identified CCR5 signaling activation is important for v-Src oncogene-transformed prostate cancer metastasis, and it antagonist can attenuate the burden. [Read the Full Post]

The HGF/cMET signaling promotes angiogenesis in bone marrow endothelial cells

2390 views | Dec 10 2014

Ferrucci et al. demonstrated hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)/mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor (cMET) pathway plays an important role in regulation angiogenesis. [Read the Full Post]

IncRNA BCAR4 regulates cancer development cooperated with chemokine signals

6489 views | Dec 09 2014

Xing et al. demonstrated the mechanism of BCAR4, a disease-related Inc RNA, in regulation signaling pathways in breast cancer metastasis. [Read the Full Post]

The binding of mutant p53 and DAB2IP increase the invasion of inflammation induced cancer cells

4414 views | Dec 08 2014

Minin et al. inflammatory cytokines can increase the invasive behavior of cancer cells with p53 missense mutants (mutp53). [Read the Full Post]

Hippo signaling mediates hypoxia tumorgenesis via SIAH2

4015 views | Dec 05 2014

Ma et al. gives a insight into the mechanism of Hippo signaling by investigating the pathway deactivation induced by hypoxia. [Read the Full Post]

MeCP2 S421 phosphorylation mediates neurogenesis via Notch signaling pathway

7992 views | Dec 04 2014

Li et al. identified the Notch signaling is involved in the regulation of MeCP2 S421 phosphorylation other than neuronal activity. [Read the Full Post]

VEFG/SphK pathway plays an important role in Niemann-Pick type C disease

4042 views | Dec 03 2014

Lee et al. identified the defective of sphingosine kinase (SphK) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) activities are main signaling that promotes sphingosine storage. [Read the Full Post]

Retinoic acid and Wnt signaling are key regulators in development of hematopoietic stem cells

5831 views | Dec 02 2014

Chanda et al. identified retinoic acid (RA) and Wnt signaling pathways as key mediators of HSC development. [Read the Full Post]

KIAA1199 provides a connection between oncogenic signaling of NF-κB and EGFR

5754 views | Dec 01 2014

Shostak et al. showed the connection between the two oncogenic cascades by identifying a key factor, KIAA1199, that associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. [Read the Full Post]

Mechanism of Cdo-induced Wnt suppression during neuronal differentication

4182 views | Nov 28 2014

Jeong et al. found that Wnt signaling is negatively regulated by Cdo, a Shh multifunctional co-receptor which is highly expressed in the central nervous system, in order to promote neuronal differentiation. [Read the Full Post]

Quickly switching of spindle checkpoint states is due to negative feedback at kinetochrores

4096 views | Nov 27 2014

Nijenhuis et al. found this phenomenon arises due to localized negative feedback of spindle assemble checkpoint (SAC) signal, which ensure kinetochres switch SAC signalling OFF rapidly. [Read the Full Post]

mTOR is a key regulator of rental sodium homeostasis

2141 views | Nov 26 2014

Gleason et al. examined the role of mTOR in regulation of ion transport in ASDN, and demonstrated mTOR played a key role in the regulation of Na+ homeostasis, via SGK1-dependent modulation of ENaC activity. [Read the Full Post]

Semen suppresses antiviral activities of microbicides against HIV

2643 views | Nov 25 2014

Zirafi et al. reported that microbicides, which can target HIV components, showed ineffective in the presence of semen. [Read the Full Post]