HSP90 inhibition acts synergistically with heat to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells

28 views | Oct 14 2021

Petros X E Mouratidis et al. found that sub-ablative heating could act synergistically with the clinically relevant HSP90 inhibitor NVP-AUY922 to induce a pro-immunogenic form of cell death in colon cancer cells. [Read the Full Post]

Evolution of kinase polypharmacology across HSP90 drug discovery

29 views | Oct 13 2021

Albert A Antolin et al. found that the resorcinol clinical candidates ganetespib and, to a lesser extent, luminespib, displayed unique off-target kinase pharmacology as compared with other HSP90 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Discovery of repurposing drug candidates for the treatment of diseases caused by pathogenic free-living amoebae

179 views | Feb 25 2021

Christopher A Rice et al. demonstrated the utility of phenotypic screens for discovery of new drugs for pathogenic free-living amoebae, including Acanthamoeba for the first time. [Read the Full Post]

Priming with HDAC Inhibitors Sensitizes Ovarian Cancer Cells to Treatment with Cisplatin and HSP90 Inhibitors

171 views | Feb 24 2021

Ana J Rodrigues Moita et al. found that priming with HDACi sensitized ovarian cancer cells to treatment with HSP90i or cisplatin and had an influence on the development of cisplatin resistance, both of which might contribute to an improved ovarian cancer treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Upregulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α and the lipid metabolism pathway promotes carcinogenesis of ampullary cancer

145 views | Feb 03 2021

Chih-Yang Wang et al. found that upregulation of PPARA and lipid metabolism-related genes were potential pathways in the carcinogenesis and development of ampullary cancer. [Read the Full Post]

17-DMAG dually inhibits Hsp90 and histone lysine demethylases in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

167 views | Feb 03 2021

Shivendra Singh et al. indicated that targeting KDM in combination with chemotherapy might serve as a therapeutic approach to PAX3-FOXO1-positive aRMS. [Read the Full Post]

Deciphering the Inhibition Mechanism of under Trial Hsp90 Inhibitors and Their Analogues: A Comparative Molecular Dynamics Simulation

164 views | Dec 28 2020

Asma Nazar et al. suggested that under trial Hsp90 inhibitors MPC-3100 could be a potential starting point into the development of potential anticancer agents with the possibility of future directions for the improvement of early existing Hsp90 inhibitors CNF-2024 and SNX-5422 as an anticancer agent. [Read the Full Post]

Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitors AUY922, BIIB021 and SNX5422 Induce Bim-mediated Death of Thyroid Carcinoma Cells

164 views | Dec 27 2020

Si Hyoung Kim et al. found that AUY922, BIIB021 and SNX5422 induced cytotoxicity by modulating Bim and ERK1/2, AKT and AMPK signaling in thyroid carcinoma cells. [Read the Full Post]

HSP90 Inhibitor Ganetespib (STA-9090) Inhibits Tumor Growth in c-Myc-Dependent Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

173 views | Dec 17 2020

Liuliu Guan et al. supported that the HSP90 inhibitor, STA-9090, suppressed the expression of the MYC protein and interferes with HSP90-MYC protein-protein interaction. [Read the Full Post]

Ganetespib in Combination with Pemetrexed-Platinum Chemotherapy in Patients with Pleural Mesothelioma (MESO-02): A Phase Ib Trial

183 views | Dec 16 2020

Dean A Fennell et al. found that ganetespib could be combined safely with pemetrexed and platinum chemotherapy to treat patients with MPM. [Read the Full Post]