Discovery of novel quinazoline-based covalent inhibitors of KRAS G12C with various cysteine-targeting warheads as potential anticancer agents

152 views | Nov 13 2021

Ling Li suggested that the novel covalent inhibitors of KRAS G12C with different warheads deserve further investigation as potential anticancer agents. [Read the Full Post]

The KRAS G12C Inhibitor MRTX849 Reconditions the Tumor Immune Microenvironment and Sensitizes Tumors to Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

334 views | Jun 22 2021

David M Briere et al. demonstrated KRAS inhibition reversed an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and sensitized tumors to CIT through multiple mechanisms. [Read the Full Post]

Flurbiprofen as a biphenyl scaffold for the design of small molecules binding to PD-L1 protein dimer

379 views | Jun 20 2021

Christian Bailly et al. found that the longer FLB derivative HCT1026 appeard as a suitable binder of the PD-L1 dimer, sliding well along the BMS binding cavity. [Read the Full Post]

Thyroglobulin as a negative marker for malignancy in canine and human breast tumors

373 views | May 19 2021

Sung-Hyun Hwang et al. found that Tg could be a negative indicator of malignancy in canine and human breast neoplasia. [Read the Full Post]

An essential role for Argonaute 2 in EGFR-KRAS signaling in pancreatic cancer development

377 views | Nov 22 2020

Sunita Shankar et al. supported a biphasic model of pancreatic cancer development: an AGO2-independent early phase of PanIN formation reliant on EGFR-RAS signaling, and an AGO2-dependent phase wherein the mutant KRAS-AGO2 interaction was critical for PDAC progression. [Read the Full Post]