Premise and peril of Wnt signaling activation through GSK-3β inhibition

63 views | May 19 2022

Samuel M Law et al. thought that caution was required when micromolar levels of CHIR-99021 were used for the purpose of activating the canonical Wnt signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Targeted Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Focus on Capmatinib with Companion Diagnostics

224 views | Jan 19 2022

Matthew Z Guo et al.discussed limitations of capmatinib, and highlighted ongoing trials of capmatinib in combinatorial approaches. [Read the Full Post]

Novel function of THEMIS2 in the enhancement of cancer stemness and chemoresistance by releasing PTP1B from MET

222 views | Jan 18 2022

Wei-Chieh Huang et al. found that non-cytotoxic dosages of cryptotanshinone (CPT) could potently inhibit cancer stemness, chemoresistance and tumorigenicity by suppressing expression of THEMIS2. [Read the Full Post]

Mutual regulation between chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase and the Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway inhibits apoptosis and promotes the replication of ALV-J in LMH cells

414 views | Nov 21 2021

Yong Xiang et al. found that chTERT not only shortened the cell cycle to promote proliferation but also inhibited apoptosis by downregulating the expression of Caspase 3, Caspase 9 and BAX. [Read the Full Post]

FSH stimulated bovine granulosa cell steroidogenesis involves both canonical and noncanonical WNT signaling

271 views | Oct 08 2021

M Ashry et al. found that both canonical and noncanonical WNT pathways activation was linked to FSH stimulation of E2 production by bovine granulosa cells. [Read the Full Post]

Cannabinoid receptor 2 plays a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing

499 views | Sep 16 2021

Shan Zhou et al. showed CB2 played a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing. [Read the Full Post]

Tumor-promoting function of PIMREG in glioma by activating the β-catenin pathway

444 views | Sep 12 2021

Dekang Wang et al. provided new insights into the molecular mechanism for glioma pathogenesis and treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Effect of High Cholesterol Regulation of LRP1 and RAGE on Aβ Transport Across the Blood-brain Barrier in Alzheimer's Disease

568 views | Sep 11 2021

Rui Zhou et al. found that high cholesterol decreased LRP1 expression and increased RAGE expression in cerebral microvascular endothelial cells, which led to Aβ transport disorder in the blood-brain barrier. [Read the Full Post]

GSK3ß inhibitor CHIR 99021 modulates cerebral organoid development through dose-dependent regulation of apoptosis, proliferation, differentiation and migration

545 views | Jun 29 2021

Chloe Delepine et al. revealed new mechanisms of the pleiotropic effects of GSK3β during organoid development, providing essential information for the improvement of organoid production and ultimately shedding light on the mechanisms of embryonic brain development. [Read the Full Post]

Differential functional roles of fibroblasts and pericytes in the formation of tissue-engineered microvascular networks in vitro

517 views | Jan 27 2021

Natalia Kosyakova et al. described the differential effects that two widely used stromal cell populations, fibroblasts (FBs) and pericytes (PCs), had on μVN formation. [Read the Full Post]