JAK/BCL2 inhibition acts synergistically with LSD1 inhibitors to selectively target ETP-ALL

0 views | Nov 28 2022

Aissa Benyoucef et al. revealed the novel involvement of ZEB2/LSD1 complexes in repressing the intrinsic apoptosis pathway by inhibiting the expression of several pro-apoptotic proteins such as BIM (BCL2L11) as a major driver for ETP-ALL survival. [Read the Full Post]

Comprehensive in Vitro Characterization of the LSD1 Small Molecule Inhibitor Class in Oncology

252 views | Jan 05 2022

Natalia Sacilotto et al. highlighted significant differences in potency and selectivity among the clinical compounds with iadademstat being the most potent and revealed that most of the tool compounds had very low activity and selectivity. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting LSD1 for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) treatment

462 views | Jan 14 2021

Shujing Zhang et al. discussed the main epigenetic drugs targeting LSD1 for AML therapy. [Read the Full Post]