Treatment patterns, effectiveness, and patient-reported outcomes of palbociclib therapy in Chinese patients with advanced breast cancer: A multicenter ambispective real-world study

29 views | Apr 28 2022

Lesang Shen et al. thought that Palbociclib was effective for front-line use and for treating endocrine-sensitive patients in real-world China and was generally well tolerated. [Read the Full Post]

Probing the multimodal fungiform papilla: complex peripheral nerve endings of chorda tympani taste and mechanosensitive fibers before and after Hedgehog pathway inhibition

128 views | Dec 24 2021

Christopher R Donnelly et al. found that the complex, extragemmal nerve endings within and disbursed under the apical FP were the mechanosensitive nerve endings of the CT that remained after HH pathway inhibition. [Read the Full Post]

Evaluation of Hedgehog Pathway Inhibition on Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome Fibroblasts and Basal Cell Carcinoma-Associated Fibroblasts: Are Vismodegib and Sonidegib Useful to Target Cancer-Prone Fibroblasts

139 views | Dec 23 2021

Laura Eibenschutz et al. demonstrated that vismodegib and sonidegib impacting on fibroblast tumour supportive functions might be considered in therapy for BCC independently to the mutation status of Hh components in neoplastic cells. [Read the Full Post]

GLI1-targeting drugs induce replication stress and homologous recombination deficiency and synergize with PARP-targeted therapies in triple negative breast cancer cells

253 views | Dec 17 2021

Chinnadurai Mani et al. found that Aberrantly activated GLI1 regulated HR-mediated DNA repair by transcriptionally regulating FANCD2 to overcome chemotherapy-induced replication stress and DNA damage. [Read the Full Post]

"Petal-like" size-tunable gold wrapped immunoliposome to enhance tumor deep penetration for multimodal guided two-step strategy

296 views | Oct 11 2021

Yanan Li et al. provided a synergistic treatment strategy that could broaden the conventional treatment alone. [Read the Full Post]

Cemiplimab in locally advanced basal cell carcinoma after hedgehog inhibitor therapy: an open-label, multi-centre, single-arm, phase 2 trial

340 views | Aug 12 2021

Alexander J Stratigos et al. found that cemiplimab exhibited clinically meaningful antitumour activity and an acceptable safety profile in patients with locally advanced basal cell carcinoma after HHI therapy. [Read the Full Post]

MLN4924 inhibits hedgehog signaling pathway and activates autophagy to alleviate mouse laser-induced choroidal neovascularization lesion

297 views | Aug 09 2021

Laiqing Xie et al. found that MLN4924 relieved the formation of mouse laser-induced CNV lesion might via up-regulating hedgehog pathway-regulated autophagy. [Read the Full Post]

β-Sitosterol-D-Glucopyranoside Mimics Estrogenic Properties and Stimulates Glucose Utilization in Skeletal Muscle Cells

327 views | Jun 03 2021

Jyotsana Pandey et al. found the estrogenic activity of BSD to stimulate glucose utilization in skeletal muscle cells via PI-3K/AKT-dependent mechanism. [Read the Full Post]

The Role of Actin in Muscle Spasms in a Case Series of Patients with Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma Treated with a Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor

324 views | Jan 03 2021

Natalie Teh et al. presented a case series of patients with muscle spasms during treatment with sonidegib and proposed an alternate etiology related to increased actin expression. [Read the Full Post]

A Vismodegib Experience in Elderly Patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma: Case Reports and Review of the Literature

369 views | Jan 02 2021

Anna Passarelli et al. reported two case reports of BCC elderly patients in order to demonstrate both efficacy and safety of the Hedgehog inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]