Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Catalog No. Product Name Information
S3562 Deserpidine Deserpidine (Harmonyl), an alkaloid isolated from the roots of Rauwolfia canescens, is a competitive angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, also decreases angiotensin II-induced aldosterone secretion by the adrenal cortex.
E0815 Rilpivirine Hydrochloride Rilpivirine (TMC278), is a second-generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) with higher potency, longer half-life and reduced side-effect profile compared with older NNRTIs, such as efavirenz.
P1111 Tesamorelin Tesamorelin, is a synthetic growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analogue used clinically for the treatment of HIV-associated lipodystrophy (dysfunctional fat deposition). 
E2665 Tafenoquine Tafenoquine (WR 238605) is an 8-aminoquinoline, used as an anti-malarial prophylactic agent.
E0938 Brincidofovir Brincidofovir (CMX001), the lipid-conjugated prodrug of Cidofovir (HY-17438) with long-acting antiviral effect, shows activity against a broad spectrum of DNA viruses including cytomegalovirus (CMV), adenovirus (ADV), varicella zoster virus, herpes simplex virus, polyomaviruses, papillomaviruses, poxviruses, and mixed double-stranded DNA virus infections.
E0939 Insulin Degludec Insulin degludec is an acylated basal insulin with a unique mechanism of protracted absorption involving the formation of a depot of soluble multihexamer chains after subcutaneous injection, shows a very long duration of action, with a half-life exceeding 25 h in PK/PD studies.
S2089 Fenoldopam Fenoldopam (SKF 82526) is a selective dopamine-1 (DA1) receptor agonist with natriuretic/diuretic properties with EC50 of 55.5 nM in stimulating cAMP accumulation in LLC-PK1 cells, which is more potent than DA .
S8886 PT2977 PT2977 (Belzutifan, MK-6482), an orally active and selective HIF-2α inhibitor, increases potency and improves pharmacokinetic profile, providing a potential treatment for clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC).
E0502 Metrizoic acid Metrizoic acid is a diagnostic radiopaque. The mechanism of action of metrizoic acid is as a X-Ray contrast activity.
E0178 Cysteamine bitartrate Cysteamine bitartrate (Mercaptamine bitartrate) is an FDA-approved cystine-depleting aminothiol agent for the treatment of nephropathic cystinosis to decrease accumulation of lysosomal cystine by engaging in disulfide exchange. In addition, cysteamine bitartrate has antioxidant properties.
E0500 Firocoxib (ML 1785713) Firocoxib (ML 1785713) is a cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitor and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. In vitro firocoxib inhibits COX-1 and COX-2 with an IC50 of 7.5 mM and 0.13 mM respectively in feline blood.
E0245 Rhamnose Rhamnose is an important 6-deoxy sugar present in many natural products, glycoproteins, and structural polysaccharides.
P1032 CCK Octapeptide (Sincalide) CCK Octapeptide (Sincalide, Cholecystokinin Octapeptide, CCK-OP, CCK-8, SQ 19,844) is a endogenous peptide hormone found in the intestine and brain that stimulates digestion.
E0193 Mometasone Furoate Hydrate

Mometasone Furoate (SCH 32088) Hydrate is a synthetic glucocorticoid with anti-inflammatory activity.

S9795 Deruxtecan

Deruxtecan is an ADC drug-linker conjugate composed of the cleavable glycine–glycine–phenylalanine–glycine tetrapeptide-based linker, a self-immolative amino methylene spacer, and a novel topoisomerase 1 inhibitor payload that is a derivative of exatecan (DX-8951).

E0191 DL-α-tocopherol acetate

DL-α-Tocopherol acetate (DL-Alpha-tocopherol acetate , Vitamin E acetate), a vitamin E derivative, is used as a vitamin E supplement in poultry feeds.

E0188 Iron (III) hexacyanoferrate (II)

Iron (III) hexacyanoferrate (II) (Prussian Blue, Berlin blue) applied as sorbent for the efficient removal of heavy metals (Cu (II), Co (II), Ni (II) and Pb (II)) from aqueous solution.

E0183 Magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride can reduce the activated thromboplastin times.

E0200 Trastuzumab deruxtecan (ADC) Trastuzumab deruxtecan (DS-8201a, T-DXd, DS-8201) is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) composed of an anti-HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) antibody and a cytotoxic topoisomerase I inhibitor. Trastuzumab deruxtecan shows durable antitumor activity.
E0159 Colesevelam Hydrochloride

Colesevelam Hydrochloride is an orally administered, non-absorbable, polymeric, bile-acid-binding agent with a higher affinity for glycocholic acid in vitro.