Non-Photoinduced Biological Properties of Verteporfin

0 views | Jan 23 2020

Gibault F et al. indicated that VP is a multi-target drug interacting with several proteins implicated in major cellular processes. Although this does not impact its clinical use, VP does not seem to be the ideal drug for pharmacological inhibitions of YAP/TEAD. [Read the Full Post]

Lippert, J. W., 3rd (2007). "Vascular disrupting agents." Bioorg Med Chem 15(2): 605-615.

3255 views | May 10 2011

This review summary the six small molecule vascular disrupting agents and let us tell the difference between vascular disrupting agents and vascular targeting agents. [Read the Full Post]

Tozer, G. M., C. Kanthou, et al. (2005). "Disrupting tumour blood vessels." Nat Rev Cancer 5(6): 423-435.

3124 views | Apr 3 2011

This article which is published in Nature Review Cancer not only reviews the basic information of VDAs, but provides many results about tumor cells which are treated with VDAs as well. [Read the Full Post]