Repeated exposure to sevoflurane in neonatal rats impairs cognition in adulthood via the PKA-CREB-BDNF signaling pathway

18 views | Aug 08 2022

Jili Zhao et al. found that PKA-CREB-BDNF signaling served an important role in the cognitive decline caused by neonatal exposure to Sev. [Read the Full Post]

Synthesis, structural characterization, DFT calculations, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulations of a novel ferrocene derivative to unravel its potential antitumor activity

165 views | Jun 12 2022

Mohamed M Hammoud et al. revealed the antitumor potential of ferrocene derivative (10) through targeting and inhibiting mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases interacting kinase (Mnk) 1.Communicated by Ramaswamy H. Sarma. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibitor GSK690693 extends Drosophila lifespan via reduce AKT signaling pathway

798 views | Jan 27 2022

Xingyi Cheng et al. indicated that GSK690693 might become an effective compound for anti-aging intervention. [Read the Full Post]

The Role of Prostaglandin E1 as a Pain Mediator through Facilitation of Hyperpolarization-Activated Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel 2 via the EP2 Receptor in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons of Mice

144 views | Jan 26 2022

Jean Kwon et al. discovered that PGE1 played a role in mechanical allodynia through HCN2 channel facilitation via the EP2 receptor in nociceptive neurons. [Read the Full Post]

Cadherin-12 Regulates Neurite Outgrowth Through the PKA/Rac1/Cdc42 Pathway in Cortical Neurons

479 views | Nov 26 2021

Beibei Guo et al. reported the effect of CDH12 on axonal extension in vitro and in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

The expression of Annexin A1 and A5 mRNA by gonadotropin-releasing hormone in LβT2 gonadotrope cells

351 views | Nov 21 2021

Takuya Murata et al. found that ANXA1 mRNA expression was stimulated by GnRH through PKC like ANXA5, and the response of ANXA1 was much larger than that of ANXA5. [Read the Full Post]

Dynamic Remodeling of Membranes and Their Lipids during Acute Hormone-Induced Steroidogenesis in MA-10 Mouse Leydig Tumor Cells

490 views | Sep 13 2021

Sathvika Venugopal et al. suggested that PM-ER-mitochondria tethering might be involved in lipid trafficking between organelles. [Read the Full Post]

Angiokinase inhibition of VEGFR-2, PDGFR and FGFR and cell growth inhibition in lung cancer: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking of novel azaheterocyclic coumarin derivatives

1026 views | Jul 21 2021

Eman Y Ahmed et al. found that 4a was capable of arresting the cell cycle at pre-G1 phase and S phase and inducing apoptosis. [Read the Full Post]

Augmenter of Liver Regeneration (ALR) regulates bile acid synthesis and attenuates bile acid-induced apoptosis via glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β) inhibition

1220 views | Feb 02 2021

Sara Ibrahim et al. thought that rALR might contribute to protecting hepatocytes from toxic concentrations of bile acids by down-regulating their denovo synthesis, attenuating apoptosis by activation of PI3K/Akt - GSK3β pathway and inhibition of JNK signaling. [Read the Full Post]

G ATA2 mediates the negative regulation of the prepro-thyrotropin-releasing hormone gene by liganded T3 receptor β2 in the rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus

349 views | Feb 02 2021

Go Kuroda et al. suggested that GATA2 transactivated the rat prepro-TRH gene and that liganded TRβ2 interfered with this activation via a tethering mechanism as in the case of the TSHβ gene. [Read the Full Post]