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The Combined Treatment With the FLT3-Inhibitor AC220 and the Complex I Inhibitor IACS-010759 Synergistically Depletes Wt- and FLT3-Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

405 views | Sep 20 2021

Xiyuan Lu et al. identified a novel drug combination, AC220 and IACS-010759. [Read the Full Post]

An organ-on-a-chip model for pre-clinical drug evaluation in progressive non-genetic cardiomyopathy

646 views | Sep 19 2021

Erika Yan Wang et al. found multifaceted cardioprotective effects of relaxin in restoring contractile function and reducing fibrotic remodeling. [Read the Full Post]

Graphene oxide-functionalized nanocomposites promote osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells via enhancement of BMP-SMAD1/5 signaling pathway

334 views | Sep 19 2021

Zhong Li et al. demonstrated the biological activity and mechanism of action of GO-based nanosheets in augmenting the osteogenic capability of hMSCs. [Read the Full Post]

Proteomics of resistance to Notch1 inhibition in acute lymphoblastic leukemia reveals targetable kinase signatures

505 views | Sep 17 2021

Giulia Franciosa et al. highlighted the potential of proteomics to dissect alterations in cellular signaling and identified druggable pathways in cancer. [Read the Full Post]

Effects of the Fyn kinase inhibitor saracatinib on ventral striatal activity during performance of an fMRI monetary incentive delay task in individuals family history positive or negative for alcohol use disorder. A pilot randomised trial

510 views | Sep 17 2021

Krishna T Patel et al. suggested a possible therapeutic role for Src/Fyn kinase inhibitors in AUD risk. [Read the Full Post]

Improvement of the LbCas12a-crRNA System for Efficient Gene Targeting in Tomato

540 views | Sep 16 2021

Tien Van Vu et al. demonstrated the significance of the selection of gene scissors, the appropriate design and number of LbCas12a crRNAs, the use of chemical treatments. [Read the Full Post]

Cannabinoid receptor 2 plays a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing

554 views | Sep 16 2021

Shan Zhou et al. showed CB2 played a central role in renal tubular mitochondrial dysfunction and kidney ageing. [Read the Full Post]

High WHSC1L1 Expression Reduces Survival Rates in Operated Breast Cancer Patients with Decreased CD8+ T Cells: Machine Learning Approach

469 views | Sep 15 2021

Hyung-Suk Kim et al. found that VX-11e, CZC24832, LY2109761, oxaliplatin and erlotinib were effective in inhibiting breast cancer cell lines with high WHSC1L1 expression. [Read the Full Post]

Prophylactic treatment with BX795 blocks activation of AKT and its downstream targets to protect vaginal keratinocytes and vaginal epithelium from HSV-2 infection

381 views | Sep 15 2021

Krishnaraju Madavaraju et al. found that BX795 efficiently reduced phosphorylation of AKT and its downstream targets p70S6K and 4EBP1. [Read the Full Post]

Overexpression of UTX promotes tumor progression in Oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma patients receiving surgical resection: a case control study

356 views | Sep 14 2021

Yen-Hao Chen et al. found that UTX played an important role in the process of OTSCC and overexpression of UTX might predict poor prognosis in OTSCC patients who received surgical resection. [Read the Full Post]

Lumacaftor-ivacaftor effects on cystic fibrosis-related liver involvement in adolescents with homozygous F508 del-CFTR

242 views | Sep 14 2021

David Drummond et al. suggested a potential beneficial effect of CFTR modulators on CF liver disease and warrant further investigation in larger, prospective studies. [Read the Full Post]

SRT1720 inhibits the growth of bladder cancer in organoids and murine models through the SIRT1-HIF axis

456 views | Sep 13 2021

Ping Tan et al. demonstrated the power of cancer organoid-based drug discovery and, in principle, identified SRT1720 as a new treatment for bladder cancer. [Read the Full Post]

Dynamic Remodeling of Membranes and Their Lipids during Acute Hormone-Induced Steroidogenesis in MA-10 Mouse Leydig Tumor Cells

476 views | Sep 13 2021

Sathvika Venugopal et al. suggested that PM-ER-mitochondria tethering might be involved in lipid trafficking between organelles. [Read the Full Post]

Tumor-promoting function of PIMREG in glioma by activating the β-catenin pathway

492 views | Sep 12 2021

Dekang Wang et al. provided new insights into the molecular mechanism for glioma pathogenesis and treatment. [Read the Full Post]

mTOR inhibitor INK128 promotes wound healing by regulating MDSCs

188 views | Sep 11 2021

Yi Li et al. found that INK128 is potential to be developed as a clinical strategy to promote wound healing of diabetic patients. [Read the Full Post]

Effect of High Cholesterol Regulation of LRP1 and RAGE on Aβ Transport Across the Blood-brain Barrier in Alzheimer's Disease

633 views | Sep 11 2021

Rui Zhou et al. found that high cholesterol decreased LRP1 expression and increased RAGE expression in cerebral microvascular endothelial cells, which led to Aβ transport disorder in the blood-brain barrier. [Read the Full Post]

Small Molecule "Silmitasertib" Repurposed as Inhibitor of Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 for the Development of Therapeutics for Oral Submucous Fibrosis

713 views | Sep 10 2021

Nezar Boreak et al. suggested that the molecule could be validated and implemented for the treatment of OSMF. [Read the Full Post]

An Iron Shield to Protect Epigallocatehin-3-Gallate from Degradation: Multifunctional Self-Assembled Iron Oxide Nanocarrier Enhances Protein Kinase CK2 Intracellular Targeting and Inhibition

601 views | Sep 10 2021

Luca Fasolato et al. found that the nanohybrid was able to successfully deliver EGCG into cancer cells, displaying impressive protein kinase CK2 inhibition comparable to that obtained with the most specific CK2 inhibitor, CX-4945 (5.5 vs. 3 µM). [Read the Full Post]

Protective effects of the NLRP3 inflammasome against infectious bursal disease virus replication in DF-1 cells

362 views | Sep 09 2021

Zhiyuan He et al. found that IBDV could induce NLRP3 inflammasome activation in DF-1 cells through a mechanism requiring viral replication. [Read the Full Post]

VX-765 ameliorates renal injury and fibrosis in diabetes by regulating caspase-1-mediated pyroptosis and inflammation

362 views | Sep 09 2021

Si Wen et al. found that caspase-1-mediated pyroptosis drove renal inflammation and fibrosis in diabetes. [Read the Full Post]