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Transforming growth factor-β-dependent Wnt secretion controls myofibroblast formation and myocardial fibrosis progression in experimental autoimmune myocarditis

2228 views | Oct 08 2016

Blyszczuk P et al. identified TAK1-mediated rapid Wnt protein secretion as a novel downstream key mechanism of TGF-β-mediated myofibroblast differentiation and myocardial fibrosis progression in human and mouse myocarditis. [Read the Full Post]

Utilising the EGFR interactome to identify mechanisms of drug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer - Proof of concept towards a systems pharmacology approach

2448 views | Oct 08 2016

Saafan H et al. identified that differential proteins in the EGFR interactome of HCC4006rERLO0.5 cells could be related to multiple resistance mechanisms including alterations in growth factor receptor expression, cellular remodelling processes suggesting epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition as well as alterations in downstream signalling. [Read the Full Post]

EGFR inhibitors identified as a potential treatment for chordoma in a focused compound screen

2757 views | Sep 30 2016

Scheipl S et al. provided evidence for exploring the efficacy of EGFR inhibitors in the treatment of patients with chordoma and studying possible resistance mechanisms to these compounds in vitro and in vivo. [Read the Full Post]

Inhibition of Bcl-2 potentiates AZD-2014-induced anti-head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell activity

2626 views | Sep 30 2016

Li Y et al. suggest that AZD-2014 could be further tested as a valuable anti-HNSCC agent, either alone or in combination with Bcl-2 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

Neuritin Mediates Activity-Dependent Axonal Branch Formation in Part via FGF Signaling

2271 views | Sep 29 2016

Shimada T, et al. revealed the molecular mechanism underlying mossy fiber sprouting. [Read the Full Post]

The histone deacetylase inhibitor PCI-24781 as a putative radiosensitizer in pediatric glioblastoma cell lines

2340 views | Sep 28 2016

De Andrade PV et al demonstrated that HDACi PCI-24781 has a radiosensitizing profile that compromises the repair of double-strand DNA breaks in cells of pediatric GBM treated with radiotherapy. [Read the Full Post]

Receptor for Activated C Kinase 1 (RACK1) Promotes Dishevelled Protein Degradation via Autophagy and Antagonizes Wnt Signaling

1922 views | Sep 28 2016

Cheng M et al. revealed a novel regulatory function of RACK1 in Wnt signaling by modulating Dvl stability. [Read the Full Post]

Cell alignment induced by anisotropic electrospun fibrous scaffolds alone has limited effect on cardiomyocyte maturation

2677 views | Sep 27 2016

Han J et al. suggested that electrospun anisotropic fibrous scaffolds, as a single method, have limited effect on improving the maturation of hPSC-CMs. [Read the Full Post]

Uroguanylin modulates (Na++K+)ATPase in a proximal tubule cell line: Interactions among the cGMP/protein kinase G, cAMP/protein kinase A, and mTOR pathways

1901 views | Sep 27 2016

Arnaud-Batista FJ et al. suggested that the molecular mechanism of action of UGN on sodium reabsorption in PT cells is more complex than previously thought. [Read the Full Post]

High glucose-induced Matrilin-2 expression in mouse mesangial cells was mediated by transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-β1)

1849 views | Sep 26 2016

Zhang S et al. found that high-glucose-induced Matrilin-2 expression that was mediated by the TGF-β1/Smad3 signaling pathway might play a role in Diabetic nephropathy (DN) pathogenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Enhancing glioblastoma cell sensitivity to chemotherapeutics: A strategy involving survivin gene silencing mediated by gemini surfactant-based complexes

2121 views | Sep 26 2016

[Read the Full Post]

Human Cytomegalovirus Induces an Atypical Activation of Akt To Stimulate the Survival of Short-Lived Monocytes

1892 views | Sep 23 2016

Cojohari O et al. demonstrated that HCMV induces the activation of Akt, an antiapoptotic protein, in a manner distinct from that of normal myeloid growth factors. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of Trypanocidal Activity for Known Clinical Compounds Using a New Trypanosoma cruzi Hit-Discovery Screening Cascade

467 views | Sep 23 2016

De Rycker M et al. indicated that none of these are appropriate for repurposing but they may represent suitable start points for further optimisation for the treatment of Chagas disease. [Read the Full Post]

MAP3K19 Is a Novel Regulator of TGF-β Signaling That Impacts Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury and Pulmonary Fibrosis

1996 views | Sep 22 2016

Boehme SA et al. suggested that inhibition of MAP3K19 may have a beneficial therapeutic effect in the treatment of IPF and represents a novel strategy to target this disease. [Read the Full Post]

Lassa Virus Cell Entry via Dystroglycan Involves an Unusual Pathway of Macropinocytosis

2227 views | Sep 22 2016

Oppliger J et al. revealed novel fundamental aspects of the LASV-host cell interaction and highlights a possible candidate drug target for therapeutic intervention. [Read the Full Post]

Dual Targeting of Akt and mTORC1 Impairs Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks and Increases Radiation Sensitivity of Human Tumor Cells

2000 views | Sep 21 2016

Holler M et al. dual targeting of mTORC1 and Akt1 inhibits repair of DNA-DSB leading to radiosensitization of solid tumor cells. [Read the Full Post]

P53 Is Involved in a Three-Dimensional Architecture-Mediated Decrease in Chemosensitivity in Colon Cancer

1248 views | Sep 21 2016

He J et al. suggested that p53 is involved in a 3D architecture-mediated decrease in chemosensitivity to platinum in colon cancer. [Read the Full Post]

RNA polymerase III component Rpc9 regulates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell maintenance in zebrafish

1250 views | Sep 20 2016

Wei Y et al. illustrated that Rpc9, a component of Pol III, plays an important tissue-specific role in HSPC maintenance during zebrafish embryogenesis and might be conserved across vertebrates, including mammals. [Read the Full Post]

Developmental expression of STATs, nuclear factor-κB and inflammatory genes in the jejunum of piglets during weaning

5535 views | Sep 20 2016

Yi H et al. found that weaning caused severe inflammation associated with activation of the NF-κB and STAT-3 pathways and suppression of STAT-1 and STAT-6 in the jejunum of piglets. [Read the Full Post]

A causal link from ALK to hexokinase II overexpression and hyperactive glycolysis in EML4-ALK-positive lung cancer

1892 views | Sep 19 2016

Ma Y et al. revealed a novel EML4-ALK-HIF1α-HK2 cascade to enhance glucose metabolism in EML4-ALK-positive NSCLC. [Read the Full Post]