Characterization of Three Novel H3F3A-mutated Giant Cell Tumor Cell Lines and Targeting of Their Wee1 Pathway

32 views | Jul 09 2019

Lübbehüsen C et al, offered valuable new tools for GCTB studies and presents a description of novel biomarkers and molecular targeting strategies. [Read the Full Post]

Suppression of Sirt1 sensitizes lung cancer cells to WEE1 inhibitor MK-1775-induced DNA damage and apoptosis

34 views | May 24 2019

Chen G et al. provided a novel therapeutic strategy to optimize MK-1775 treatment efficiency in lung cancers. [Read the Full Post]

WEE1 inhibition targets cell cycle checkpoints for triple negative breast cancers to overcome cisplatin resistance

0 views | Oct 03 2018

Zheng H et al. demonstrated that combined cisplatin treatment and WEE1 inhibition synergistically inhibits xenograft cancer growth accompanied by markedly reduced expression of TNBC signature genes. [Read the Full Post]

Expression and clinical significance of Wee1 in colorectal cancer

0 views | Oct 12 2017

Egeland EV et al. indicated that other tumor types might be better suited for further development of Wee1 inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]