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Systematic Evaluation for the Influences of the SOX17/Notch Receptor Family Members on Reversing Enzalutamide Resistance in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells

11 views | Jun 12 2022

Zhongbo Du et al. thought that the Notch1 and Notch4 inhibitors GSI-IX and RO4929097 were promising therapeutic agents for the treatment of CRPC. [Read the Full Post]

Antithrombotic Therapy in Elderly Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes

50 views | Jun 11 2022

Clara Bonanad et al. it is imperative to deepen our knowledge regarding the management of these challenging patients through real-world data and specifically designed geriatric studies to help resolve the questions remaining in their disease management. [Read the Full Post]

γ-secretase inhibitors, DAPT and RO4929097, promote the migration of Human Glioma Cells via Smad5-downregulated E-cadherin Expression

1179 views | Oct 01 2021

Shun-Fu Chang et al. showed that γ-secretase activity inhibition by DAPT and RO4929097 could promote LN18 and LN229 glioma cell migration via downregulating E-cadherin mRNA and protein expressions, but not via affecting E-cadherin protein processing. [Read the Full Post]

Incidence, predictors, and outcomes of DAPT non-compliance in planned vs. ad hoc PCI in chronic coronary syndrome

712 views | Jul 21 2021

Jahanzeb Malik et al. provided an insight on additional predictors of non-compliance to DAPT, helping us to identify and address specific patient-related factors for disruption. [Read the Full Post]

Targeting the Notch and TGF-β signaling pathways to prevent retinal fibrosis in vitro and in vivo

675 views | Sep 27 2020

Jiawen Fan et al. foung that inhibiting Notch signaling might be an effective way to prevent retinal fibrosis. [Read the Full Post]

Notch Signaling Pathway Is a Potential Therapeutic Target for Extracranial Vascular Malformations

0 views | Jun 22 2020

Reema B Davis et al. provided further rationale to support testing of Notch inhibitors in patients with extracranial vascular malformations. [Read the Full Post]

A Systematic Review of the Studies That Evaluate the Performance of the DAPT Score

694 views | Jun 21 2020

Chun Shing Kwok et al. showd that the DAPT score had modest predictive value for ischemic and bleeding outcomes.A prospective randomized controlled trial was needed to evaluate the clinical benefits of utilising the DAPT score in guiding continued DAPT therapy beyond 1 year. [Read the Full Post]

DAPT Score and the Impact of Ticagrelor Monotherapy During the Second Year After PCI

656 views | Jun 18 2020

Ply Chichareon et al. found that the DAPT score can stratify ischemic but not bleeding risk in a contemporary PCI population during the second year. [Read the Full Post]

Notch signaling pathway is a potential therapeutic target for extracranial vascular malformations

0 views | Apr 11 2020

Davis RB et al. provided further rationale to support testing of Notch inhibitors in patients with extracranial vascular malformations. [Read the Full Post]

Impact of high on-treatment platelet reactivity after angioplasty in patients with peripheral arterial disease

563 views | Apr 10 2020

Busch L et al. suggested that MALE might be associated with dual HTPR. [Read the Full Post]