CNS-Penetrant Compound Library

Catalog No.L4700

Offered in 96 or 384 well plate format

A unique collection of 307 CNS-Penetrant compounds with biological activity for neurologic research.

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Pre-dissolved In DMSO
USD 8289

Description & Advantages

• A unique collection of 307 small molecule compounds with biological activity used for neurologic research and associated assays.

• Some compounds have been approved by the FDA.

•This library targets such as 5-HT Receptor,DHFR,COX,RAAS,AChR etc.

• Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable.

• Rich documentation with structure, IC50, and customer reviews.

• NMR and HPLC validated to ensure the highest purity.

Product Details

Formulation: A unique collection of 307 CNS-Penetrant compounds supplied as pre-dissolved DMSO/Water solutions
Container: 384 Well Format Sample Storage
Stability: in DMSO
Shipping: Blue ice or dry ice
Packaging: Inert gas

CNS-Penetrant Compound Library Composition

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