Multicenter phase II, double-blind placebo-controlled trial of maintenance ixazomib after allogeneic transplantation for high-risk multiple myeloma: Results of the BMT CTN 1302 Trial

48 views | Jul 17 2022

Qaiser Bashir et al. found the safety and durable disease control with allo-HCT in high-risk myeloma patients. [Read the Full Post]

Combination mTOR and SHP2 inhibitor treatment of lymphatic malformation endothelial cells

49 views | Jun 13 2022

Jennifer K Wolter et al. suggested that combination treatment targeting the PI3K and RAS signaling pathways might result in effective treatment of LMs of the head and neck. [Read the Full Post]

Cannabidiol Inhibits In Vitro Human Liver Microsomal Metabolism of Remdesivir: A Promising Adjuvant for COVID-19 Treatment

362 views | Dec 19 2021

Aishwarya Saraswat et al. suggested that CBD significantly inhibited human liver microsomal metabolism of RDV and extended its in vitro half-life. [Read the Full Post]

Local FK506 implants in non-human primates to prevent early acute rejection in vascularized composite allografts

687 views | Aug 24 2021

Alexandre G Lellouch et al. showed preliminary results of local FK506 implants in potentially mitigating VCA acute rejection for tolerance protocols based on mixed chimerism approach. [Read the Full Post]

BioID-screening identifies PEAK1 and SHP2 as components of the Alk "proximitome" in neuroblastoma cells

265 views | Jul 22 2021

Ezgi Uçkun et al. noted a strong synergistic effect of combined ALK and SHP2 inhibition that was specific to ALK-driven NB cells, suggesting a potential therapeutic option for ALK-driven NB. [Read the Full Post]

Potent and Specific Inhibition of NTCP-Mediated HBV/HDV Infection and Substrate Transporting by a Novel, Oral-Available Cyclosporine A Analogue

423 views | Dec 29 2020

Yang Liu et al. found that 27A served as a promising lead for the development of novel anti-HDV/HBV agents. [Read the Full Post]

Alcohol-induced CYP2E1, Mitochondrial Dynamics and Retrograde Signaling in Human Hepatic 3D Organoids

750 views | Aug 03 2020

Rajesh Angireddy et al. presented a mechanistic link between CYP2E1 function and alcohol mediated mitochondrial dysfunction, retrograde signaling, and activation of hepatic steatosis in a 3D organoid system that closely recapitulated the in vivo liver response. [Read the Full Post]

Disrupting Phosphatase SHP2 in Macrophages Protects Mice From High-Fat Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis and Insulin Resistance by Elevating IL-18 Levels

295 views | Jun 23 2020

Wen Liu et al. concluded that pharmacological inhibition of SHP2 might represent a possible therapeutic strategy for the management of type 2 diabetes. [Read the Full Post]

LB-100, a novel Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) inhibitor, sensitizes malignant meningioma cells to the therapeutic effects of radiation

344 views | Mar 19 2020

Ho WS et al. provided convincing preclinical data to support the use of LB-100 as a radiosensitizing agent for treatment of malignant meningioma. Its potential for clinical application deserves further investigation. [Read the Full Post]

Allosteric inhibition of SHP2 phosphatase inhibits cancers driven by receptor tyrosine kinases

0 views | Aug 19 2019

Chen YN et al. demonstrated that pharmacological inhibition of SHP2 is a valid therapeutic approach for the treatment of cancers. [Read the Full Post]