Blog of Signaling Pathways

Biliary tract instillation of a SMAC mimetic induces TRAIL-dependent acute sclerosing cholangitis-like injury in mice

823 views | Jan 08 2018

Guicciardi ME et al. contributed to the development of the disease. Our results also indicate that inhibition of TRAIL signaling pathways may be beneficial in the treatment of PSC. [Read the Full Post]

Concomitant BET and MAPK blockade for effective treatment of ovarian cancer

811 views | Jan 08 2018

Jing Y et al. supportted concomitant BET and MAPK blockade as an effective therapeutic strategy in ovarian cancer. [Read the Full Post]

mTORC2 mediates CXCL12-induced angiogenesis

1973 views | Jan 07 2018

Ziegler ME et al. identified mTORC2 as a critical signaling nexus downstream of CXCL12/CXCR4 that represents a potential link between mTORC2, metabolic regulation, and angiogenesis. [Read the Full Post]

Human Papillomavirus Downregulates the Expression of IFITM1 and RIPK3 to Escape from IFNγ- and TNFα-Mediated Antiproliferative Effects and Necroptosis

2284 views | Jan 07 2018

Ma W et al. revealed how hrHPV deregulates two pathways involved in cell death and growth regulation to withstand immune-mediated control of hrHPV-infected cells. [Read the Full Post]

No preclinical rationale for IGF1R directed therapy in chondrosarcoma of bone

1217 views | Jan 06 2018

Peterse EF et al. indicated that the IGF pathway is not essential for chondrosarcoma growth, migration or chemoresistance. [Read the Full Post]

Repurposing auranofin for the treatment of cutaneous staphylococcal infections

1043 views | Jan 06 2018

Thangamani S et al. supported that auranofin has potential to be repurposed as a topical antimicrobial agent for the treatment of staphylococcal skin and wound infections. [Read the Full Post]

Blocking EZH2 methylation transferase activity by GSK126 decreases stem cell-like myeloma cells

1877 views | Jan 05 2018

Zeng D et al. suggested that EZH2 inactivation by GSK126 is effective in killing MM cells and CSCs as a single agent or in combination with bortezomib. Clinical trial of GSK126 in patients with MM may be warranted. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of mouse cathepsin K structural elements that regulate the potency of odanacatib

986 views | Jan 05 2018

Law S et al. determined and compared the structures of inhibitor-free mouse CatK (mCatK), hCatK and ODN bound to hCatK. [Read the Full Post]

Development of a test that measures real-time HER2 signaling function in live breast cancer cell lines and primary cells

866 views | Jan 04 2018

Measurement of HER2 signaling activity in the tumor cells of breast cancer patients is a feasible approach to explore as a biomarker to identify HER2-driven cancers not currently diagnosable with genomic techniques. [Read the Full Post]

Extracellular heat shock protein 90α mediates HDM-induced bronchial epithelial barrier dysfunction by activating RhoA/MLC signaling

1615 views | Jan 04 2018

Dong HM et al. suggested that eHsp90α is a potential therapeutic target for treatment of asthma. [Read the Full Post]

Acetylation of p53 Protein at Lysine 120 Up-regulates Apaf-1 Protein and Sensitizes the Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pathway

0 views | Jan 03 2018

Yun T et al. induced p53 acetylation at lysine 120, which in turn enhances mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis through transcriptional up-regulation of Apaf-1. [Read the Full Post]

Insulin receptor substrate 1 is a substrate of the Pim protein kinases

1192 views | Jan 03 2018

Song JH et al. demonstrated that IRS1S1101 is a novel substrate for the Pim kinases and provide a novel marker for evaluation of Pim inhibitor therapy. [Read the Full Post]

Sunitinib Treatment Enhances Metastasis of Innately Drug-Resistant Breast Tumors

0 views | Jan 02 2018

Wragg JW et al. unravel specific features of antiangiogenic resistance, with potential therapeutic implications. [Read the Full Post]


890 views | Jan 02 2018

Liu TY et al. revealed the first evidence that Nur77 was an important modulator in microglia function that associated with microglia-mediated dopaminergic neurotoxicity, and thus modulation of Nur77 may represent a potential novel target for treatment for neurodegenerative disease. [Read the Full Post]

Noninvasive Bioluminescence Imaging of AKT Kinase Activity in Subcutaneous and Orthotopic NSCLC Xenografts: Correlation of AKT Activity with Tumor Growth Kinetics

1100 views | Jan 01 2018

Suchowski K et al. demonstrated that BAR can be applied to study drug dosing, drug combinations, and treatment efficacy in orthotopic mouse lung tumor models. [Read the Full Post]

Adaptive and Acquired Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors Converge on the MAPK Pathway

1466 views | Jan 01 2018

Ma P et al. demonstrated that adaptive and acquired resistance to EGFR inhibitors can converge on the same pathway and credential cotargeting EGFR and MAPK as a promising therapeutic approach in EGFR mutant tumors. [Read the Full Post]

Cathelicidin-WA Improves Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Function and Enhances Host Defense against Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 Infection

869 views | Dec 31 2017

Yi H et al. showed that CWA attenuated EHEC-induced inflammation, intestinal epithelial barrier damage, and microbiota disruption in the intestine of mice, suggesting that CWA may be an effective therapy for many intestinal diseases. [Read the Full Post]

Tyrosine receptor kinase B is a drug target in astrocytomas

3104 views | Dec 31 2017

Ni J et al. proposed NTRK2 as a potential therapeutic target in the subset of astrocytoma patients defined by QKI-NTRK2 fusion. [Read the Full Post]

Role of reactive oxygen species-mediated MAPK and NF-κB activation in polygonatum cyrtonema lectin-induced apoptosis and autophagy in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells

1665 views | Dec 30 2017

Liu T et al. provided a new perspective of PCL as a potential anti-tumour drug targeting apoptosis and autophagy pathways for future cancer therapeutics. [Read the Full Post]

MEK-ERK inhibition potentiates WAY-600-induced anti-cancer efficiency in preclinical hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) models

1568 views | Dec 30 2017

Wang K et al. demonstrated the potent anti-HCC activity by WAY-600, either alone or with MEK-ERK inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]