Combined Drug Targeting of p53-dependent and -independent Pathways Depletes Myelofibrosis Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells

8 views | Jan 11 2022

Min Lu et al. thought that treatment with ONC201 combined with RG7112 could be a potentially effective strategy for treating MF patients. [Read the Full Post]

Histone chaperone FACT complex inhibitor CBL0137 interferes with DNA damage repair and enhances sensitivity of medulloblastoma to chemotherapy and radiation

102 views | Nov 07 2021

Heyu Song et al. concluded that FACT complex promoted chemo-radiation resistance in MB, and FACT inhibitor CBL0137 could be used as a chemo-radiation sensitizer to augment treatment efficacy and reduce therapy-related toxicity in high-risk pediatric patients. [Read the Full Post]

Arsenic sulfide reverses cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer in vitro and in vivo through targeting PD-L1

188 views | Oct 22 2021

Wei Tian et al. found that As4 S4 might sensitize NSCLC cells to DDP through targeting p53/miR-34a-5p/PD-L1 axis. [Read the Full Post]

Fabrication of a pH-responsive core-shell nanosystem with a low-temperature photothermal therapy effect for treating bacterial biofilm infection

184 views | Oct 21 2021

Dan Peng et al. found that the release of Zn2+ had an antibacterial/antibiofilm effect. [Read the Full Post]

P53 Is Involved in Sunitinib Resistance and Poor Progression-free Survival After Sunitinib Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

186 views | Sep 05 2021

Yohei Sekino et al. thought that p53 might be involved in sunitinib resistance and represent a valuable marker for sunitinib treatment in mRCC. [Read the Full Post]

A thiol-bound drug reservoir enhances APR-246-induced mutant p53 tumor cell death

201 views | Feb 08 2021

Sophia Ceder et al. found that redox homeostasis was a critical determinant of the response to mutant p53-targeted cancer therapy. [Read the Full Post]

BMI1-Inhibitor PTC596 in Combination with MCL1 Inhibitor S63845 or MEK Inhibitor Trametinib in the Treatment of Acute Leukemia

179 views | Feb 08 2021

Katja Seipel et al. thought that the combination of PTC596 and S63845 might be an effective treatment in CD34+ adverse risk AML with elevated MN1 gene expression and MCL1 protein levels. [Read the Full Post]

MDM2 inhibition: an important step forward in cancer therapy

217 views | Jan 21 2021

Marina Konopleva et al. thought that targeting MDM2 was a promising treatment strategy. [Read the Full Post]

Suppressor of Ty 16 promotes lung cancer malignancy and is negatively regulated by miR-1227-5p

230 views | Nov 15 2020

Lu Yang et al. indicated that Spt16 was likely to be an essential regulator for lung cancer malignancy and was negatively regulated by miR-1227-5p. [Read the Full Post]

Cadmium induces apoptosis via generating reactive oxygen species to activate mitochondrial p53 pathway in primary rat osteoblasts

275 views | Oct 27 2020

Jiaming Zheng et al. indicated that Cd could induce apoptosis in osteoblasts by increasing the generation of ROS and activating the mitochondrial p53 signaling pathway, and this mechanism required the transcriptional activation of p53. [Read the Full Post]