Ascorbate Inhibits Proliferation and Promotes Myeloid Differentiation in TP53-Mutant Leukemia

125 views | Feb 02 2022

Carlos C Smith-Díaz et al. suggested that ascorbate could exert a beneficial anti-proliferative effect on AML cells harboring both TET2 and TP53 mutations whilst not interfering with targeted cytotoxic therapies such as Prima-1Met. [Read the Full Post]

Restoring p53 Function in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma to Improve Treatments

116 views | Feb 01 2022

Tycho de Bakker et al. described and discussed p53 regulation and its targeting in combination with existing therapies for HNSCC through a new classification of such cancers based on p53 mutation status and HPV infection. [Read the Full Post]

Combined Drug Targeting of p53-dependent and -independent Pathways Depletes Myelofibrosis Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells

135 views | Jan 11 2022

Min Lu et al. thought that treatment with ONC201 combined with RG7112 could be a potentially effective strategy for treating MF patients. [Read the Full Post]

Histone chaperone FACT complex inhibitor CBL0137 interferes with DNA damage repair and enhances sensitivity of medulloblastoma to chemotherapy and radiation

213 views | Nov 07 2021

Heyu Song et al. concluded that FACT complex promoted chemo-radiation resistance in MB, and FACT inhibitor CBL0137 could be used as a chemo-radiation sensitizer to augment treatment efficacy and reduce therapy-related toxicity in high-risk pediatric patients. [Read the Full Post]

Arsenic sulfide reverses cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer in vitro and in vivo through targeting PD-L1

339 views | Oct 22 2021

Wei Tian et al. found that As4 S4 might sensitize NSCLC cells to DDP through targeting p53/miR-34a-5p/PD-L1 axis. [Read the Full Post]

Fabrication of a pH-responsive core-shell nanosystem with a low-temperature photothermal therapy effect for treating bacterial biofilm infection

319 views | Oct 21 2021

Dan Peng et al. found that the release of Zn2+ had an antibacterial/antibiofilm effect. [Read the Full Post]

P53 Is Involved in Sunitinib Resistance and Poor Progression-free Survival After Sunitinib Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

307 views | Sep 05 2021

Yohei Sekino et al. thought that p53 might be involved in sunitinib resistance and represent a valuable marker for sunitinib treatment in mRCC. [Read the Full Post]

A thiol-bound drug reservoir enhances APR-246-induced mutant p53 tumor cell death

338 views | Feb 08 2021

Sophia Ceder et al. found that redox homeostasis was a critical determinant of the response to mutant p53-targeted cancer therapy. [Read the Full Post]

BMI1-Inhibitor PTC596 in Combination with MCL1 Inhibitor S63845 or MEK Inhibitor Trametinib in the Treatment of Acute Leukemia

280 views | Feb 08 2021

Katja Seipel et al. thought that the combination of PTC596 and S63845 might be an effective treatment in CD34+ adverse risk AML with elevated MN1 gene expression and MCL1 protein levels. [Read the Full Post]

MDM2 inhibition: an important step forward in cancer therapy

339 views | Jan 21 2021

Marina Konopleva et al. thought that targeting MDM2 was a promising treatment strategy. [Read the Full Post]