Differential time course of glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibition in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

40 views | Dec 29 2021

A S Al-Zaidi et al. found that downregulation of Th1 and Th17 hallmark cytokines by Tideglusib in EAE might be associated with IL-10 production. [Read the Full Post]

GSK3ß inhibitor CHIR 99021 modulates cerebral organoid development through dose-dependent regulation of apoptosis, proliferation, differentiation and migration

358 views | Jun 29 2021

Chloe Delepine et al. revealed new mechanisms of the pleiotropic effects of GSK3β during organoid development, providing essential information for the improvement of organoid production and ultimately shedding light on the mechanisms of embryonic brain development. [Read the Full Post]

Wnt Activation After Inhibition Restores Trabecular Meshwork Cells Toward a Normal Phenotype

222 views | Mar 15 2021

Kamesh Dhamodaran et al. found that, in normal hTM cells, activation of the Wnt pathway reversed the pathological phenotype caused by Wnt inhibition and might thus be a viable therapeutic for lowering IOP. [Read the Full Post]

Immune checkpoint inhibition in syngeneic mouse cancer models by a silicasome nanocarrier delivering a GSK3 inhibitor

213 views | Feb 17 2021

Sean D Allen et al. provided proof-of-principal demonstration of the feasibility of using encapsulated delivery of a GSK3 inhibitor to provide cancer immunotherapy, with the possibility to be used as a monotherapy or in combination with chemotherapy or other immunomodulatory agents. [Read the Full Post]

The apoptotic effect of GSK-3 inhibitors: BIO and CHIR 98014 on H1975 lung cancer cells through ROS generation and mitochondrial dysfunction

211 views | Feb 07 2021

Theodore Lemuel Mathuram et al. found that the use of GSK-3 inhibitors showed promising apoptotic abilities in clinical cancer treatments, particularly for lung cancer cells. [Read the Full Post]

Ebselen, Disulfiram, Carmofur, PX-12, Tideglusib, and Shikonin Are Nonspecific Promiscuous SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors

291 views | Jan 07 2021

Chunlong Ma et al. suggested that these six compounds were nonspecific SARS-CoV-2 Mpro inhibitors and urged the scientific community to be stringent with hit validation. [Read the Full Post]

Generation of Liver Bipotential Organoids With a Small-Molecule Cocktail

459 views | Jun 05 2020

Xin Wang et al. demonstrated that Wnt/β-catenin, NMII-Rac, and PKA-ERK are core signaling pathways essential and sufficient for mouse liver progenitor expansion. [Read the Full Post]

Discovery of suppressors of CRMP2 phosphorylation reveals compounds that mimic the behavioral effects of lithium on amphetamine-induced hyperlocomotion

320 views | May 18 2020

Zhao WN et al. not only provided insights into the neural substrates regulated by lithium, but also provided novel human neuronal assays for supporting the development of mechanism-based therapeutics for BD and related neuropsychiatric disorders. [Read the Full Post]

FAM83A Promotes Lung Cancer Progression by Regulating the Wnt and Hippo Signaling Pathways and Indicates Poor Prognosis

333 views | May 07 2020

Zheng YW et al. found that FAM83A promotes the proliferation and invasion of lung cancer cells by regulating the Wnt and Hippo signaling pathways and EMT process. [Read the Full Post]

GSK-3 Inhibitors: A Double-Edged Sword? - An Update on Tideglusib

354 views | May 05 2020

Mathuram TL et al. concluded the emergence of GSK-3 inhibitors as a 'double-edged sword' in the treatment against human diseases cautioning researchers about the potential ramifications of off-target pharmacological effects. [Read the Full Post]