MLK3 mediates impact of PKG1α on cardiac function and controls blood pressure through separate mechanisms

478 views | Nov 25 2021

Timothy D Calamaras et al. suggested augmenting MLK3 kinase activity could preserve LV function in HF but avoid hypotension from PKG1α activation. [Read the Full Post]

Mixed lineage kinase 3 inhibition induces T cell activation and cytotoxicity

730 views | Dec 07 2020

Sandeep Kumar et al. demonstrated that MLK3 played an important role in T cell biology, and targeting MLK3 could serve as a potential therapeutic intervention via increasing T cell cytotoxicity in cancer. [Read the Full Post]

URMC-099 Facilitates Amyloid-β Clearance in a Murine Model of Alzheimer's Disease

941 views | Mar 01 2020

Tomomi Kiyota et al. indicated that URMC-099 facilitates Aβ clearance in the brain of APP/PS1 mice. The multifaceted immune modulatory and neuroprotective roles of URMC-099 make it an attractive candidate for ameliorating the course of AD. This is buttressed by removal of pathologic Aβ species and restoration of the brain's microenvironment during disease. [Read the Full Post]