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Effect of Decitabine (5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine, 5-aza-CdR) in Comparison with Vorinostat (Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid, SAHA) on DNMT1, DNMT3a and DNMT3b, HDAC 1-3, SOCS 1, SOCS 3, JAK2, and STAT3 Gene Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma HLE and LCL-PI 11 Cell Lines

0 views | Jul 31 2021

Masumeh Sanaei et al. found that 5-Aza-CdR and SAHA could induce cell growth inhibition and apoptosis induction through the JAK/STAT pathway. [Read the Full Post]

Epigenetic inhibition assisted chemotherapeutic treatment of lung cancer based on artificial exosomes

0 views | Jul 31 2021

Yinshan Lin et al. suggested that the bioengineered artificial exosomes might serve as novel delivery strategy for chemotherapeutics to treat non-small cell lung cancer. [Read the Full Post]

Identification of DNA-Repair-Related Five-Gene Signature to Predict Prognosis in Patients with Esophageal Cancer

1 views | Jul 30 2021

Lin Wang et al. found that small-molecule drugs (trametinib, selumetinib, and refametinib) could help to improve patient survival. [Read the Full Post]

The newly identified MEK1 tyrosine phosphorylation target MACC1 is druggable by approved MEK1 inhibitors to restrict colorectal cancer metastasis

1 views | Jul 30 2021

Dennis Kobelt et al. found that MAP kinase signaling was not linear leading to ERK activation, but branched at the level of MEK1. [Read the Full Post]

BACE1 controls synaptic function through modulating release of synaptic vesicles

3 views | Jul 29 2021

Brati Das et al. suggested that a therapy combining BACE1 inhibitors for reducing amyloid deposition and an mGluR1 PAM for counteracting BACE1-mediated synaptic deficits appeared to be an effective approach for treating AD patients. [Read the Full Post]

BCL-XL antagonism selectively reduces neutrophil life span within inflamed tissues without causing neutropenia

1 views | Jul 29 2021

Emma M Carrington et al. showed a differential survival requirement in activated neutrophils for BCL-XL and revealed a new therapeutic approach to neutrophil-mediated diseases. [Read the Full Post]

Pre-incubation with OATP1B1 and OATP1B3 inhibitors potentiates inhibitory effects in physiologically relevant sandwich-cultured primary human hepatocytes

3 views | Jul 28 2021

Taleah Farasyn et al. thought that IC50 values after inhibitor-preincubation in transporter-expressing cell lines might be used for DDI prediction for the purpose of mitigating false-negative OATP-mediated DDI prediction. [Read the Full Post]

TCF3 is epigenetically silenced by EZH2 and DNMT3B and functions as a tumor suppressor in endometrial cancer

2 views | Jul 28 2021

Tao Gui et al. found that TCF3 functions as a tumor suppressor epigenetically silenced by EZH2 and DNMT3B in EC. [Read the Full Post]

Outcome of COVID-19 infection in 50 multiple myeloma patients treated with novel drugs: single-center experience

3 views | Jul 27 2021

Marta Krejci et al. found that the course of COVID-19 disease in MM pts was mostly moderate or serious with 56% of hospitalizations and 18% of deaths. [Read the Full Post]

Oncogenic Chromatin Modifier KAT2A Activates MCT1 to Drive the Glycolytic Process and Tumor Progression in Renal Cell Carcinoma

3 views | Jul 27 2021

Yuanyuan Guo et al. proposed that MCT1 inhibitor (AZD3965) was useful for suppressing RCC. [Read the Full Post]

Cordycepin inhibits inflammatory responses through suppression of ERK activation in zebrafish

6 views | Jul 25 2021

Wei Liu et al. found that the important roles of cordycepin in inhibiting LPS and injury-induced inflammation. [Read the Full Post]

4sc-202 and Ink-128 cooperate to reverse the epithelial to mesenchymal transition in OSCC

3 views | Jul 25 2021

Xi Yang et al. identified an effective combination therapy involving class I histone deacetylase and mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1/2 inhibition that effectively blocked the EMT of tumor cells by upregulating FoxO1 expression to inhibit Twist1 transcription. [Read the Full Post]

Phase 1 study combining alisertib with nab-paclitaxel in patients with advanced solid malignancies

5 views | Jul 23 2021

Kian-Huat Lim et al. thought that the combination of alisertib and nab-paclitaxel had manageable side-effect profile and showed promising preliminary efficacy in high-grade NETs, warranting further testing. [Read the Full Post]

Alpelisib and radiotherapy treatment enhances Alisertib-mediated cervical cancer tumor killing

2 views | Jul 23 2021

Yaman Tayyar et al. found that both RT and Alpelisib significantly improved Alisertib-mediated tumor killing. [Read the Full Post]

BioID-screening identifies PEAK1 and SHP2 as components of the Alk "proximitome" in neuroblastoma cells

3 views | Jul 22 2021

Ezgi Uçkun et al. noted a strong synergistic effect of combined ALK and SHP2 inhibition that was specific to ALK-driven NB cells, suggesting a potential therapeutic option for ALK-driven NB. [Read the Full Post]

CDKN2A Determines Mesothelioma Cell Fate to EZH2 Inhibition

3 views | Jul 22 2021

Giulia Pinton et al. found that the expression of CDKN2A predicted cell fate in response to EZH2 inhibition and could potentially stratify tumors likely to undergo apoptosis. [Read the Full Post]

Incidence, predictors, and outcomes of DAPT non-compliance in planned vs. ad hoc PCI in chronic coronary syndrome

2 views | Jul 21 2021

Jahanzeb Malik et al. provided an insight on additional predictors of non-compliance to DAPT, helping us to identify and address specific patient-related factors for disruption. [Read the Full Post]

Angiokinase inhibition of VEGFR-2, PDGFR and FGFR and cell growth inhibition in lung cancer: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking of novel azaheterocyclic coumarin derivatives

5 views | Jul 21 2021

Eman Y Ahmed et al. found that 4a was capable of arresting the cell cycle at pre-G1 phase and S phase and inducing apoptosis. [Read the Full Post]

Cost-effectiveness analysis of olaparib and niraparib as maintenance therapy for women with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer

4 views | Jul 20 2021

John Hang Leung et al. showed that olaparib was considered to be a cost-effective maintenance therapy for patients with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer from the Taiwan NHIA perspective. [Read the Full Post]

Peptide 11R‑VIVIT promotes fracture healing in osteoporotic rats

4 views | Jul 20 2021

Changju Hou et al. demonstrated that 11R‑VIVIT promoted fracture healing in osteoporotic rats and enhanced the osteogenic differentiation of osteoporotic BMSCs by dysregulating the AKT/NFATc1 signaling pathway. [Read the Full Post]